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  • Avatar for moochan moochan 25 days ago

    That's normally Nintendo's way of doing E3. At least 90% for whatever the current year is and 10% for later.

    Posted in Nintendo Might Only Show Games Coming Out in 2018 at E3 This Year

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 25 days ago

    I can just see them putting a Gatcha system of main character's wands. But that just sounds bad already. Also that picture with the brooms because of the lack of shadow it looks like they are all floating next to their brooms.

    Posted in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a Horntail-Sized Ripoff

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 25 days ago

    I'll just say thanks for not putting Skyrim on this list

    Posted in The 15 Best Steam Games

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 30 days ago

    At least this means Valve is going to be making a game...kinda.

    Posted in Firewatch Developers Campo Santo Purchased by Valve

  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago


    Zelda Link to the Past for my love of open adventure games
    Dragon Quest 4 (play it before 1-3) for my love of not only RPG but RPG with multiple character story arcs.
    Tetris for my love of puzzle games and continues now with Puyo Puyo Tetris
    And finally I know this sounds weird Doom for my love of games with deep mazes. Guess you can say Doom was my first First Person Dungeon Crawler and made me love games with interesting maze structure.

    Posted in What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?

  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago

    So they were trying to make Warioware DIY Switch Version?

    Posted in Nintendo Labo Started as a 3D Printed Plastic Nose Picker Game

  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago

    Guess we are finally seeing the tech company facing more and more legal challenge from different countries. EU will soon enact their consumer protection laws regarding digital collection and hopefully (most likely not) US will soon pass a digital protection right as well. And seem the whole "well we aren't really in your country" isn't really a argument anymore.

    Posted in Valve Will Have to Pay $2.3 Million Fine in Australia for Breaking Local Consumer Laws

  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago
  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago

    Don't know if this counts or not but I personally love the Ultima Spell in Final Fantasy 2 (yes the Famicom 2). It's a very story heavy spell like Masamune as being the greatest spell in the game and needed to defeat the great evil of the world. And when you finally get it turns out it's completely bugged so it doesn't really do any damage. So this great spell you spent hours getting turned out to be completely worthless. And it wasn't really meant to be worthless it was just bad coding (like a lot of NES/Famicom games) so I just found that to be really damn funny and "Legendary"

    Posted in The Top 5 Legendary Weapons in RPG History

  • Avatar for moochan moochan A month ago

    For Nadia I would have thought it would be Bowser or Hero from Dragon Quest V (sorry if spoilers). But really I would actually go with Torneko from Dragon Quest IV. Just a humble merchant trying to do right for his wife and son. He really is a lovable goof-off (seriously he takes a lot from the Goof-Off class from Dragon Quest 3) that loves his family.

    Posted in Who's Your Favorite Dad in Video Games?