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  • Avatar for moochan moochan An hour ago

    Linux people will put Linux on anything. And will put Doom on it (I mean Switch already has Doom so that would just be weird).

    Posted in Hackers Successfully Run Linux on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 hours ago

    @docexe Pinch every penny is more or less a lot of developer/publisher mentality. There have been a few articles here about the cost of Switch cards factoring in the price of games (Physical costing $10 more while download being the same cost as their other consoles). And if they can split them up with just Legacy 1 being on the card and 2 being download they can just use the 4GB card.

    But I feel Nadia is correct that it has more to do with the licensing than card size. With 1 being handled by Digital Eclipse and 2 being Capcom themselves. So it might just be this weird agreement that both can't be on the same card. I mean the more deeper we go into how game licensing works the more of a headache it becomes and so the easier solution tends to be the best for everyone.

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in May, but Not Everyone Is Happy About It

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 hours ago

    Really want to go see Black Panther with my friends but considering our days hardly line up right nowadays we will most likely watch it when it comes out online (guessing it will be on Disney's streaming service by the time it comes out but who knows). Glad everyone seem to be loving it and it's doing great money wise.

    I honestly never heard of Kingdom Come until everyone started to talk about how weird it is to cover. I'm weird and like the idea where you are just someone in the background as all the political craziness is happening around you. I get wanting to be the center of everything but it is something to be said to be the fly on the wall watching all everything. I'm guessing that's how Kingdom Come is I honestly don't know anything about it outside of a few comments about it here and there.

    Posted in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Makes Me Wonder What Other Stories There Are to Tell in 15th Century Bohemia

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 days ago

    Publishers are a sad double edge sword. They can do great if funding it and setting realistic goals. But at times they can be a burden by forcing developers to put in elements that should have never been in the game. Or setting goals that force developers to crunch to the breaking point. Kickstarter is a wonderful tool but without some sort of outside force that keeps them focus on their games their eyes become better than their stomach and things like Scope Creep happens. There's really is no one answer to all of this but it is something everyone should keep in mind that publishers are there for a reason whether or not we have major issues when things go sour.

    Posted in The System Shock Remaster's Hiatus Highlights Kickstarter's Downsides

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 days ago

    Oh man I miss the 90's war on video games! Now just need congress to hold a hearing on it and show...Hatred I guess would be the game of choice. A game no one plays and no one cares about but they will parade it around as a game that is causing everyone to go insane!

    Posted in Kentucky Governor Suggests Violent Video Games Are Responsible for Mass Shootings

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 days ago

    Between this and them trying to crowdfund a stupid Switch port I wonder who if anyone is actually driving the wheel of the flaming car into the gorge.

    Posted in Atari Stock Jumps 52% After Announcing New Cryptocurrency Venture

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 days ago

    It is sad how a common theme with most reviewers is "you could have fix some things guys" not a overhaul but everyone agrees Secret of Mana is a great game but has many issues with it. And this was a chance to fix some things. I get how most of a lost content was put into Chrono Trigger so that would have been weird but a small bit of something more might have been nice. Guess budget really hit the development of it but it would have been nice to get something more or tweek it just a little to make it worth a replay. I'm a sucker for Secret of Mana so I might play it anyways. Might wait to see if this will go on Switch since there seem to have been some talk about it and I feel it would be a nice fit for the game.

    Posted in The Secret of Mana Remake is a Missed Opportunity to Fix the Original's Flaws

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 4 days ago

    Whether or not there is a massive backlash with regard to micro transactions I'm happy there are companies that are pointing out issues and saying how they are stepping away from it. Capcom with Monster Hunter and Nintendo with games like Splatoon are showing you can get a big fan base without having to do it. But I feel most of the backlash are just the hardcore gamers than normal players. Since most normal players aren't really following gaming news on the subject. But having actual Senators talking to the ESRB and Belgium saying they will bring the issue to the EU is really the thing that is going to have more of an impact on what developers are going to do than actual gamers writing on forums. But whatever happens I am always happy hearing CD Projekt Red talk about how they develop games. And GOG shows it even more with how they communicate with their costumers.

    Posted in CD Projekt Red on Loot Box Controversy: "Gamers are Striking Back"

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 5 days ago

    A more story focus game with a much more useful list of plans you can make is what I wanted out of it. Got it on Vita and loved the game for it's portable mode. Guess the only complaint I had was how you had to start from scratch each new chapter (you keep all the memories of things you can make however) but each chapter was meant to be it's own thing and you just helping it play out so I didn't find it too bad. And while not needed having some understanding of the original Dragon Quest 1 gives a lot of fun background. Like building the hot spring in Kol and fighting the Golem. It's more about fan service and winks to players in the know but nothing major that you will need to know to love the story they are making. Wonder what they are going to do with Builders 2? Know they are adding multiplayer but I wonder what else.

    Posted in Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch Isn't Just a "Minecraft Clone", You Platypunks.

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 5 days ago

    While true the PC version might be the best way to play Bayonetta 1 but you can't dress up as Samus or Link in that one (unless someone modded it which I guess might have happened) so I still love the Wii U version (and soon Switch version). Happy Bayonetta found a home on Nintendo and Platinum can do goes they actually care about than just doing license games and Star Fox which felt like a game no one wanted.

    Posted in Bayonetta Sashays Onto Switch With Nothing Holding Her Back