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  • Avatar for moochan moochan 3 days ago

    @camchow Nintendo talked a bit about having to have a few of their older developers show newer ones how to do pixel art for Super Mario Maker. Since by the time mid 90's came pixels wasn't really taught in programing since that limitation wasn't around anymore. So Konami doing it was just a team of people who did pixel art since early NES/Famicom. So they had a better understanding of how to do it right and didn't have the same color limitation that 16 bit games had so they could go hog wild and it shows. Guess that's why most "retro looking" games have a sort of off to them since the people making it doesn't have the experience of working from 8 bit and 16 bit. While there are a bunch of great retro style looking games most of them don't have the same level of quality that games like Suikoden or Symphony of the Night (weirdly both Konami).

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 4 days ago

    Suikoden 1 and 2 has beautiful sprite art. Feel the only problem I have with the look of Octopath Traveler is how washed out things are with lots of light blooms. Suikoden however you can just seem everything in amazing detail with all the colors popping.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 4 days ago

    With their paid online coming soon Nintendo really needs to show they know how to handle online in a meaningful way. Sadly Nintendo's lack of understanding how online works is something that I feel will plague the Switch throughout it's lifetime.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Player Exploits Ranked Leaderboards to Share Anti-Cheating Message With Nintendo

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Fun fact in the Japanese version there's a whole part near the beginning with a baby MewTwo in a psychic link with a clone girl who died which pretty much set into motion his questioning his own existence. Going to be interesting how they are going to remake it with western fans not really knowing the full story of it since Pokemon Company I don't think ever redone it to restore the cut content.

    Posted in Report: A Remake of the First Pokemon Movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, is Coming Next Year

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 9 days ago

    I'm excited to finally play. Sad over the cross play since I wouldn't mind playing with Xbox players. It's going to be fun to finally wear some monster helmets again. Just hope there's not a lot of bugs when this version comes out.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World PC Won't Include Cross-Platform Play, Mod Support Unlikely

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 10 days ago

    Yes! Was honestly worried when they didn't talk about it we might not get it until October. Rather we got it already but a month away isn't too bad. Hopefully there will be enough people playing it on PC to find a group like on PS4.

    Posted in Monster Hunter World PC Release Date and System Specs Revealed

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 12 days ago

    Is it boring of me to say just normal Tetris? It's just such a simple game but so addictive that it's always hard for me to stop after starting. Yes there's lot of different version with different rules but man I love just playing normal Tetris way too much.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 16 days ago

    I actually enjoyed Fantasy Life on the 3DS. It was a fun take on the job system in most RPG. Felt another single player game could iron out some issues I had with it. Mainly forced to be a class to do certain tasked even after leveling the job enough. Maybe a online game would be a nice way to do it like how in Ultima Online you could take up any weird job for fun.

    Posted in Fantasy Life Online Gets New Trailer and Summer 2018 Release Window

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 20 days ago

    @nadiaoxford That's my feelings. I kind of get why they went with NISA over Xseed with NISA being a bigger publishing arm and most likely gave Falcom more money for the license. And Falcom really wanted this to be like Monster Hunter World a fresh start for new players. But man NISA fumbled this in almost every way possible.

    Posted in Free Ys 8 DLC Pulled from Switch eShop After Causing Game Crashes

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 20 days ago

    Think it was nearly last year they talked about the slit between the two as well and it was really close. Personally I go with 70% dock 30% handheld. Mostly a bit of gaming in bed before sleep but mostly on tv.

    Posted in Is the Switch Played More in Handheld Mode or Docked Mode? Nintendo Speaks