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  • Avatar for moochan moochan 13 hours ago

    Fun little fact about Enhancer it was a reference in World of Final Fantasy.

    Also a reference in World of Final Fantasy is Xenogears which is a game I would love to see on it only to make the whole world just stretch their heads thinking Sony went crazy. But in any case I don't know what I would want out of a PSX mini. Said this when it was announced but PSX is on a whole other level of weirdness with tons of different ideas (some work some didn't) which makes a "top 20" or whatever a really hard choice to make. Much harder than even picking a NES list (at least that had 30 slots so made it slightly easier) and SNES which also came with Star Fox 2 which while debatable is something worthwhile is of note to make it extra special.

    Posted in PlayStation Classic Wishlist: The Games We Want for the Final 15 Spots (And Then Some)

  • Avatar for moochan moochan Yesterday

    Going to wait a bit to see how well Nintendo actually supports this. Since I don't really care about online Switch gaming (Maybe I would if I played Splatoon 2 before online happened but now I'm just waiting for something else). A Netflix like gaming account sounds amazing but unless Nintendo actually is willing to support it fully (and I mean get 3rd party into the mix) I worry this will just be a afterthought.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online: The NES Games You Need to Play, and the Ones You Can Safely Ignore

  • Avatar for moochan moochan Yesterday

    "Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms" Guess that gives a bit of an idea on the lineup they are going for. Personally I view the PSX as having one of the weirdest lineup of games. Even more so than the NES in my view. So them showing those 5 I guess shows a view on what type of games will be on it which seems to be like what the SNES Classic had. Which I guess is nice but to me the PSX lineup was great because of how much oddity there were and had lots of room for cheaper and more expensive games. Almost like the indie and AAA space but lots of more wiggle room between them all. I do say the lack of them using the Duel Shock so I guess that eliminates Ape Escape (not that I felt it would be on the list even if I really enjoyed that game). Guess we have to wait and see what the final list is but guessing there won't be too questionable things.

    Posted in Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic Mini-Console

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 5 days ago

    Always felt Slime from Dragon Quest could fit. If you want to talk about iconic video game characters it's pretty much there (at least in Japan). Even have a Slime Tank like in Rocket Slime for Final Smash.

    Posted in What Character Would You Like to See Next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Wonder how well a streaming version of AC: O is. Never seen RE7 Switch streaming so I guess I can check that out. Guess they don't really want to do US since Japan internet connections tend to be faster and more reliable. US however with places still using dialup and caps it might not work as well.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Odyssey is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Jeremy Parish seem to be fine over Twitter which is good. As for this great to see people using UR4 for a lot of positive uses outside of games. Also Dragon Quest 11 used it by the way!

    Posted in Dramatic Weather Report of Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Was Developed in Unreal Engine 4

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Think I talked about this before but man I wish I could have enjoyed Mass Effect but I've always had issues with outer space UN while humans are still treated like gods. Babylon 5 at least gave a good reason for it and it was one hell of a reason. Mass Effect was the same as any other sci-fi reason. Humans live a short life so they make as much of their life as possible which sounds good I guess but it's literally the reason in every sci-fi media with humans in space. Not saying it's not deserving on list just I'm still looking for aliens that look at humans as lower class and it just stays that way because in game there's really no reason humans were treated as good as they are.

    Posted in The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #15: Mass Effect

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    I guess the good news about Smash Ultimate is people seem a bit more cheerful over this than with Brawl and 5 (seriously why couldn't they just give it a title). Sakurai does so much work while having to deal with fans. Anyways as for Isabelle I would have love to have seen people's reactions to this if they didn't announce a Animal Crossing game right after it. The rage people would have would have been amazing.

    Posted in Animal Crossing's Isabelle Comes To Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Tons of Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch (But Not the Best One... Sad)

    You are right Famicom FF2 isn't coming to Switch sadly! But really while I have...issues with FF8 both story and mechanic I do feel it deserve a bit more love. Or at least more people playing it to try it out. Guessing this is going to by the PC version of the games which if that's the case it will come with those cheats which I'm 100% with Nadia that at times you just want to turn off encounters or just rush past a really annoying part of the game.

    Posted in Tons of Final Fantasy Games Coming to Switch (But Not the Best One... Sad)

  • Avatar for moochan moochan 6 days ago

    Let us also not forget Tembo the Badass Elephant (which weirdly was never put on a Nintendo system). Game looks interesting guess just wait a bit more to learn more about it.

    Posted in Pokemon Developer Announces New Original RPG "Town"