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  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam 10 hours ago

    Spy Hunter was the first game I was addicted to.

    Street Fighter II brought me back to gaming in college.

    A Link to the Past blew my mind with what 16-bit could do.

    Advance Wars taught me the joy of handheld gaming and introduced me to turn-based strategy.Edited 3 times. Last edited 10 hours ago by Unknown

    Posted in What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam 23 hours ago

    Awakening was okay. I do have a love/hate relationship with it. Sure, it was a good game but it also sealed the fate of Advance Wars which is my preferred strategy series from IS, despite AW having the best waifu. If one would dare call Sami a waifu to her face, which no one would.

    Fire Emblem is one of those series that lost a lot of charm in the transition from 2D to 3D graphics. The attacks in the GBA games had such dynamic attack animations, specifically the pegasus knights.

    Posted in Happy Anniversary to Fire Emblem Awakening, the Game That Saved Fire Emblem

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam 8 days ago

    I really wanted to love Persona 5. It was beautiful and cool but it just didn't click. It didn't leave me as cold as P4 but it didn't grab my like P3. I think I'm a big fan of Persona 3 and not the series.

    Posted in Reflections on Persona 5 With a Year of Hindsight

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam 14 days ago

    Ocarina of Time is my main go-to. It is the best 3D Zelda game. I recently started a new game and plan to spend more time searching for secrets rather than tearing through the game.

    Advance Wars is runner up. It's my favorite strategy game and has a ton of stages to play.

    Posted in What's Your Most Replayed Game?

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam 28 days ago

    I recently picked up Splatoon 2 and am utterly addicted. I always loved the aesthetic but was afraid it would make me motion sick. Luckily, it didn't! I also plan to play Opus: Rocket of Whispers and maybe some Steamworld Heist.

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  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam A month ago

    I cannot wait for this. I honestly expected it to be released earlier in the month so it isn't competing with the Mega Man Collection. Ah, well. I'm getting it on Switch. I'm not sure how good Ultra SFIV is as a pre-order bonus. I would imagine most people getting this collection already own Ultra SFIV.
    @RushDawg James Chen and Justin Wong have both verified training and versus modes vie Capcom reps at Final Round this past weekend.

    Posted in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Gets a Final Release Date and Ultra Special Bonus

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam A month ago

    @kidgorilla I've always felt air blocking blocking pushed the Alpha series to be more offensive thanks to safer jumping options. I don't like games that place to much emphasis on defense. Ultra SFII does an amazing job of balancing offense and defense. Throw breaks work really well in that game.

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  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam A month ago

    @kidgorilla It's always interesting to discuss these things! I love to watch 3S but prefer to play Super Turbo or Alpha 2.

    Posted in See How the Classics Fare in HD as We Play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam A month ago

    @kidgorilla I wish I could love Third Strike. I've tried. It just feels like that's where SF started to go wrong for me - it was slower than previous games and the two button throws kill the tick throw game. It's also more defensive then earlier SF games. I like my fighting games to be fast and hard-hitting.

    Posted in See How the Classics Fare in HD as We Play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

  • Avatar for nilcam nilcam A month ago

    I'm so ready! I loved the original and was honestly underwhelmed by the second. The third game looked good but I never did play it.

    Posted in Valkyria Chronicles 4 Release Date Announced