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  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 16 hours ago

    I for one can't wait for the first three thousand word essay on how Red Dead Redemption 2 compares to watching a season of Westworld.

    Posted in The IGN Plagiarism Incident Once Again Highlights the Strange Place Occupied by Game Reviews

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 3 days ago

    Tribes and Unreal Tournament never clicked with me, and I only ever had the Quake III Arena demo (and had a blast with that even back in the dialup days).

    So my choice is going to be the original Halo. It was the first and only time I ever got seriously involved in competitive FPS games, and the local and regional tournaments I took part in are some of the best memories I have when I think about that giant black box sitting in my closet. Halo came at the perfect time and was the most accessible, easy-to-pick-up shooter I've ever seen before or since.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Arena Shooter?

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 4 days ago

    I get the feeling we're nearing Painkiller territory now.

    Posted in Doom Eternal QuakeCon Details: Switch Release, PvP, and More

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 7 days ago

    I couldn't believe what I was reading last night. Nintendo claimed over and over that the Switch was not a replacement for the 3DS. Now that they're following through on that promise, people are mad that the games aren't for the Switch?

    The hybrid nature of the new system is what's causing this confusion. Treating the Switch like a big Vita is what got us into this mess. It's going to take some doing for Nintendo to get out of it.

    Posted in There's a Reason the Nintendo 3DS is Sticking Around

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 7 days ago

    Coming soon to a speedrun site near you: Zelda franchise relay races.

    Posted in Zelda Superfan Spends Nearly 500 Hours Playing Every Entry to 100 Percent on Twitch

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 7 days ago

    Can't wait to see how they made pins work.

    Posted in The World Ends With You Switch Release Date Revealed

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 7 days ago

    I'm of two minds about it. On one hand, not naming your pokemon makes it easy at a glance to tell what is in your PC boxes since they insist on using generic icons for each pokemon you have stored.

    On the other hand, your team are your best buds, and not having names to call them just seems wrong.

    So I usually end up with a compromise: the starter always gets a name, any pokemon I bring with me to a gym battle gets a name, and any shinies also get a name.

    Posted in It Turns Out Most People Don't Name Their Pokemon

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 7 days ago

    I'm rolling with a i7 4770K, 16GB RAM and a GTX 770. I'll be lucky to get a stable 30 FPS. But it'll be enough. Denuvo, though: until it's removed, people are going to be asking "but is that really the performance I should be getting?"

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World PC vs PS4 Pro - How to Achieve 60 FPS on PC

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 8 days ago

    I can offer a left-field, alternative explanation: the game developers interested enough in space to make games about it work in the space industry now.

    Posted in Why Aren't There More Space RPGs?

  • Avatar for nimzy nimzy 11 days ago

    I have some words of advice for people looking to start Minecraft modding. Get your hands on MultiMC which makes the process of modding vastly easier. It's a Minecraft launcher that supports multiple instances of the game on your hard drive, which lets you play around with different combinations of mods.

    Next you'll need a place to look up what mods there are. A lot of people use CurseForge. I use a slightly less feature-rich list made by the Not Enough Mods community, which makes discovering new mods a bit quicker.

    As for what mods you want, it really depends on what you want to get out of Minecraft. People who like to play with hoppers and redstone would really get a kick out of mods like Thermal Expansion and EnderIO. People down for exploration would really enjoy Biomes o Plenty and Recurrent Complex. The builders among you will appreciate the Chisel mod. Farmers would like the Rustic mod and HarvestCraft.

    And for people who think "Minecraft could really use some more game-like systems" there's Millenaire and Minecraft Comes Alive, both mods that let you run villages of your own without making you join a server.

    Posted in Best Minecraft Mods - The Essential Minecraft Mods You Have to Download