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  • Avatar for novacav novacav 27 days ago

    Zanki sounds great. Spike Chunsoft has become one of my favorite devs honestly. Was bummed we didn't learn about Project Psync at GDC but at least Uchikoshi tweeted about it.

    Posted in Zanki Zero Brings Danganronpa's Unique Sense of Humor to the RPG Space

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    Is this the guy's game who went savage at The Game Awards? Must-play just for that, lol. Hilarious.

    Posted in A Way Out Review

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago
  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago


    "he wasn't exactly the only one to start demonizing games right on cue."

    That's true.

    Thanks for replying. I hate clashing with my favorite games media people but it's important to get more opinions out there. Not enough diversity of thought, politically, on gaming sites IMO. Been following your work since the 1UP show, cheers.

    Posted in Video Game Scapegoating is More Shameless Than Ever

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    Describing the scapegoating as 'shameless,' to me, implies that Trump knows anything about video games or the related research. He doesn't - why would he? Oblivious makes more sense.

    He specifically had the ESA and gaming CEOs in for a meeting for that reason, so they could have an open discussion and also fill him in. They likely presented the research, Trump saw it, and as a result it's unlikely any anti violent video game game legislation will be pursued. And just like the tech CEOs, I'm sure the gaming CEOs were cordial and professional in meeting with POTUS, a fellow highly successful business person.

    Problem where?

    The notion that Trump is talking video games to "change the subject" is farcical. Is it not obvious by now that he says whatever comes into his mind? Violent games came to his mind, that's it. I doubt he planned so cunningly.

    Trump critics seem to hold the notion that Trump is a dastardly mastermind but also dumb as a rock/incompetent at the same time - can't really have it both ways, in my opinion.

    POTUS is old school - if he doesn't know something, he brings in high level people who do. That's what happened. Now obviously if Trump goes on some anti-gaming crusade from here, I'll change my tune, but I don't see it happening.

    The complete context of his gaming-related comments, seen in full on the Whitehouse YouTube channel and elsewhere, are pretty mild for someone completely un-involved with the video game industry. You don't know what you don't know. At least he pursued an avenue of correcting that. There's gun purchase age, bump stock, and school security legislation being voted on next week by the way, so if this is meant to "distract" I guess it didn't work.

    Lastly, none of the research on violent games has included their effects on kids using SSRI drugs, as most school shooters either are using or have used in the past. It's perfectly possible that violent media impacts a small percentage of people on these drugs. And obviously, even a tiny percentage is enough to spur the occasional shooting.

    I think we're all getting flashbacks to Jack Thompson and it just isn't the same thing.
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    Posted in Video Game Scapegoating is More Shameless Than Ever

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago
  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    It's not violent games it's violent games + SSRI drugs

    Same for guns, generally. We've had high powered rifles for 100 years. Kids started getting drugged up in, give or take, the last 20.

    Posted in The NRA Has a Long History of Scapegoating Violent Video Games

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    Good point about Odyssey - usually it's Mario overshadowing Zelda, not the other way around. Hasn't been this way since... maybe Ocarina of Time? Though maybe not, as it's hard to imagine Mario 64 being overshadowed.

    Posted in The 15 Best Nintendo Switch Games

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago


    "I'm no fool."

    That's up for debate based on what followed it.

    Posted in The ESA Says It Has Not Received an Invitation to Meet With Trump Next Week

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    @VotesForCows Maybe look for yourself instead of name-calling. last month by Unknown

    Posted in The ESA Says It Has Not Received an Invitation to Meet With Trump Next Week