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Recent comments

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza A month ago

    Link's Awakening is already pretty much perfect, and Link Between Worlds, while fun, was aesthetically awful. Remaking the former in the "style" of the latter would be a huge mistake.

    Posted in Nintendo E3 2018 Switch Games Preview

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza A year ago

    @Thad If you haven't yet, be sure to give Mario Adventure a spin. It's pretty incredible.

    Posted in Does It Hold Up? Super Mario Maker

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    Looks like a pretty interesting addition to the "fumblecore" genre, with its own mechanical and narrative innovations to set it apart from things like QWOP, CLOP, Octodad, and Surgeon Simulator.

    Posted in Manual Samuel Brings a New Standard of Laziness to Xbox One

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    @magnamaduin Just one of many ways it was a better '3D Zelda' than OoT...

    Posted in Best Zelda Games: Every Legend of Zelda Game Ranked

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland doesn't deserve to be in the dregs! Its idiosyncratic Vanpool/Love-de-Lic pedigree and strange humor make it a totally unique and worthwhile experience.

    I'd definitely re-play it any day over "the ugly adventures of smeary cardboard anime elf." Yeah. Tingle > OoT.

    Posted in Best Zelda Games: Every Legend of Zelda Game Ranked

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    FYI: The download link goes to episode 40. I just listened to an hour of Darkest
    Dungeon minutia waiting for you guys to get to the FFE and Mario and Luigi talk, haha.

    Posted in USgamer's RPG Podcast Delves Into Final Fantasy Explorers and Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    @Romaen Amazingly, its sequel, MegaMan 3 (yep, 3) was even worse.

    Posted in The Worst Games on The Internet Archive

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    I find my experience as a vegan with incredulous, judgey, pushy, often evangelical omnivores who nonetheless stereotype vegans as judgmental and evangelical mirrors to an extent the experience of my LGBT friends with homophobic moral crusaders, who will spew condescension and/or hate, do their best to marginalize, exclude, or change the identity of LGBT folks, then turn around and accuse them of 'recruiting' young people or 'turning them gay' or whatever.

    See also: knee-jerk reactionary bloviating about PETA coverage being analogous to conservative-types flipping out at coverage of the more over-the-top antics at the larger Pride parades. "I'm going to stereotype based on this intentionally over-the-top fringe sub-group so that I can justify bullying this whole community, which threatens me despite my enjoying significantly higher numbers and cultural support of my behaviors."

    Posted in Monster Hunter and the Conflicted Vegetarian

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    Download link appears to be broken?

    Posted in Revisit Prince of Persia with This Week's Retronauts

  • Avatar for paraclete-pizza paraclete-pizza 2 years ago

    @Kuni-Nino Several of your statements seem to have no grounding in the reality of the series.

    "there's a reason why Wind Waker is still hated on after all these years. It messed with Link too much"
    Windwaker is one of the most beloved games in the series, and its reputation has only grown with time. Hell, this very game is cribbing its Link design from that game. Windwaker got some blowback prior to release, but at this point that blowback is recognized as being completely wrong-headed. It's certainly not 'hated on' at all these days.

    "Link is an icon with a very specific image and character"
    Link's image and character have always been deliberately vague and mercurial. His literal in-game image has changed in every major entry in the series, even on the same hardware (Link's sprite looked different between Zelda 1 and 2, and between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess...). Link's character has always been a pretty blank cipher - he's one of the poster children for the concept of a silent protagonist.

    Posted in Nintendo Eschews Machismo, With Great Results