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  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria 8 months ago

    I hadn't played this before we got our SNES a couple years ago, not having had a home console growing up, and I really enjoyed it, although primarily as a spectator (I panic and haven't got past the second or third stage, but I always find 3D challenging). I'd say it holds up as a newbie, although possibly not if you're nostalgic for how it felt when new. The sound effects are fantastic and the action is fast-paced and challenging.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #8: Star Fox

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria 9 months ago

    My mother had a copy of Murder Club for the PC in the late 80s or early 90s, and I thought it had probably had slightly adult language in it; looking at a few screenshots just now, there's one where "you're the only one who can solve this without all hell breaking loose", so I guess I was right (kind of). My parents didn't think swearing was bad, which became part of a horrible culture clash between home and school.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Tell Me About Your First Video Game Swear Word (Plus: Meet D-Rex!)

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria 11 months ago

    Still Breath of the Wild - my boyfriend and I take turns on alternate nights and at the weekend, and we're having a brilliant time. It doesn't leave much room for other things, which is just fine. We bought a few retro games at the weekend, but other than that I've not been adding to the backlog.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Games Have You Been Playing?

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    I would have been in the "I'll get one eventually" camp, as I haven't used my Wii U as much as I'd like, but my boyfriend's sister is coming over this weekend, and it just seemed too perfect to gather 'round the TV and party like it's 1995. Hopefully my belated pre-order will come through today.

    Posted in Why I Would Probably Wait on the Switch if I Weren't in the Press

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    It's not my most-played console / gaming system - I'm far more likely to pick up the 3DS or sit at the laptop, or more recently the iPad. I'm still very glad to have it, mainly for Mario Kart and Mario Maker, and I'll try to nab the remaining major releases for the system before the shops stop keeping a reasonable stock / Nintendo stops pressing new discs. (Maybe a link to the US Gamer Recommended list for the console would be in order?) Fingers crossed for the Switch.

    Posted in The Wii U is Dead: Production Ends This Friday [Updated]

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    Has to have been Discworld MUD. Two / three of my friends were renting a house together while I was in uni, and the whole gang of us (plus other friends) played it. I'd bring my laptop over to their house every weekend and we'd go on adventures (or XP grind) together - thanks, parents, for realising I should have a laptop about two years into college for academic work! I can't remember any specific all-nighters, but we were basically playing in some shape or form all weekend. Good times, good times.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Was Your Longest-Ever Gaming Session?

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    Just adding my two cents to the clamor of people sorry to see Bob go. I'm hugely relieved you'll still be doing Retronauts, Bob, and wish you all the best in whatever's next. I also hope that this site continues to go from strength to strength.

    Posted in From Us to You! is Riding Into the Sunset (For Now)

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    Firewatch and Lumo, and Kirby's Adventure on 3DS when I'm in transit. Also feeling like going back to Stardew Valley.

    Posted in September 2016 Community Poll: What Games are you Playing Right Now?

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    I'm thrilled that people are picking up 3DSes, as I've had a great time with the DS / 3DS. Mine doesn't get that much use at the moment, but it gets an outing every long train or plane trip.

    Given that the monsters available in Pokemon Go at the moment are from Gen 1, I hope some folks are motivated to pick up the Red / Blue / Yellow games on Virtual Console. I really like the simplicity of the earlier games, although Leaf Green / Fire Red are the sweet spot for me (fingers crossed they'll also get a re-release).

    Posted in Pokemon and Monster Hunter Make 3DS July's Best-Selling System

  • Avatar for pertusaria pertusaria A year ago

    Just a note to say thanks for the review - I spotted this before release but only now picked it up (as it's on special) and giving it a go. I'm sure I'll miss a lot of the references (apart from Marble Madness), but I appreciate knowing they're there.

    Posted in Lumo PS4 Review: A Love Letter to British Retro-Gaming