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  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 4 hours ago

    One day, at USGamer offices

    Kat: Damn it Mike, did you buy unsalted peanuts again?
    Mike: I'm trying to lower my sodium intake.
    Kat: You know these things taste like cardboard right? Ugh, whatever. Hey Caty!
    Caty: Yeah boss?
    Kat: c'mere for a second.
    Caty: What's up?
    Kat: Here, hold this bowl of nuts.
    Caty: Ok, why?
    Kat: I just read your Labo article, tell me how you REALLY feel about Labo.

    Minutes pass as Caty goes on a tirade about Labo

    Kat: Alright, that should be enough.
    Caty: What?
    Kat: Just go back to your desk, minion.
    Caty: Whatever.
    Kat: (tries a peanut) That's better.

    Posted in 7 Dumb Things We Hope Are Possible with Nintendo Labo

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 5 months ago

    I spent nearly 2 hours going through my old posts and saving the ones that I liked. It was time well spent if it meant I can save my Wind Waker Travelogue. I uploaded the image and accompanying text onto Facebook.
    Wanna see?

    Posted in A Miiverse Eulogy: So Long to the First True Social Video Game Platform

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 7 months ago

    (Late post. Hopefully someone still cares)

    The whole, “is this game eligible for Game of the Year (GOTY) consideration” was brought up for Minecraft way back when it was in beta too. I think Garnet Lee, on an episode of 1UP Yours, may have the best resolution to this. He said that a game should only be considered for GOTY when its creators officially releases it. At the time, Minecraft was in Beta, but plenty of people had their hands on it and posted some amazing videos of their creations. 1UP didn’t consider it for GOTY until it was released as a full game. In that light, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shouldn’t be considered for GOTY.

    This argument has certain advantages. Namely it stops us from judging an unfinished work. No one has the right to look at an incomplete game and pass judgement based on that alone. We have the right to voice concern or enthusiasm for the direction of it, but that’s all. It is up to the creator to say that their work is finished. Only then do we get to play judge, jury, and executioner.

    Some might argue that the creators may not have complete control over when their game gets released. It is an unfortunate reality, and has resulted in an inferior game from time to time. Mass Effect: Andromeda seems to be the most recent example of this. This arguement, however, is based on the concept that creators know when their work is done. They don’t. Take a look at Fortnite.

    Almost every critic to have ever played the game says almost the exact same thing. It has far too much systems and mechanics than it actually needs. It’s unlikely that Epic Games started their development with all those systems, or more, from the ground up. More likely than not they started with something small like the Tower Defense aspect with the capability to build your own tower for said defense. But from there, they started adding mechanics and features. Before they know it, they added far more than they actually needed. This isn’t an uncommon experience and even has a name.

    When a creator says that their project is done, even if it wasn’t their choice, we have to accept it. Bioware released the aforementioned Andromeda knowing full well that some of their facial animations and texturing wasn’t done. They’re not dumb. They see the same things we do. At some point during development, they realized that they don’t have enough time to get all that they wanted done. And clearly they had to prioritize what they felt was most important to the overall product. They had to make choice. That choice is no different than the choices that a painter makes when they choose to add more detail to the central figure in their painting and not to the background characters or when a writer chooses to describe the accessories worn by their characters over the details of the room their in. In all three cases, the creators are emphasizing the ultimate message of their work. In Andromeda, we saw that choice materialize in the lesser quality of the animation and texture work on the side characters when compared to the main characters. That was a tough choice they had to make, and they have weathered its consequences through our criticisms of it.

    When the creator of a work say that it’s done, it is an admittance on their part that their work is open for criticism and praise, such as GOTY awards. That is why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shouldn’t be considered for GOTY. If we were to do so now, it would be no different than considering an unfinished game that was released to the public the worst game of the year. Pitting an unfinished game against a completed, fully polished game isn’t fair. Even if that game is Battlegrounds it’s still not fair. It still has the potential turn bad at the discretion of its creator.

    Games released as an early access game is the creator openly admitting that their game is not final but open to changes before its final form. It doesn’t matter how many people have played, and paid, and loved/hated/is indifferent to it. We have no right to pass judgement on it until its creator says it is ready to receive it.Edited August 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Otakon Fun, Sonic Mania, and PUBG's Eligibility for Game of the Year

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 7 months ago

    Your "Usgamer Podcast" tag isn't the tag used on your previous podcasts. They're under "The Usgamer Podcast" tag.

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Should There be so Much Doom and Gloom Around SNES Classic Availability?

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 9 months ago

    @swamped Redemption games? I always thought they were called ticket games. Redemption games sounds like a some kind of gladiatorial style combat arena where we pit life-sentence convicts against each other. Winner gets a pardon. All others leave in a box... I swear to god there's a movie with this exact plot somewhere.

    Posted in A Journey Into Dave & Buster's Dystopian Arcade Hellscape

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 9 months ago

    Welp, this one's going in my iPod. Thanks Nadia!

    Posted in A Journey Into Dave & Buster's Dystopian Arcade Hellscape

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 9 months ago

    A quick thought on light gun arcade games.

    Simply put, they don't make them anymore. Just about every arcade shooter we see now days uses that turret-gun thing where you see the reticle on-screen at all times. They're a wholly different beast from arcade shooters that uses an actual light-gun gun.

    In light-gun shooters, you have to physically aim that little plastic toy gun at the targets and shoot. That’s the fantasy all kids play out when they’re playing cops and robbers. They don’t go stand at one spot and spray bullets at each other. They run around shooting at each other with their finger guns.

    The turret-gun style shooters are, interestingly enough, more akin to using a mouse to move your cursor over to what you want to shoot. It's a rather impressive looking mouse, but that's all it really is. Also, every turret shooters are basically that turret sequence from (insert FPS here), except its the entire game. Turret sequences are like frosting on cake. Nobody wants to eat a cake of nothing but frosting.

    I guess where I’m going with this is that The Walking Dead game you mentioned isn’t a light-gun shooter. It’s a turret shooter (Because when everyone thinks of crossbows, they picture a turret).

    Posted in A Journey Into Dave & Buster's Dystopian Arcade Hellscape

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian 11 months ago

    There needs to be ridable dolphins is Zelda!

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Really Needs a Zora Mask

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian A year ago

    People who take up two parking spaces can burn in hell!

    Posted in The Latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer Is One of Nintendo's Best

  • Avatar for phyrexian phyrexian A year ago

    You monster! PETA will have your head for this.

    Posted in My Half-Hour on the Road With Final Fantasy XV