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I write words here at USgamer. I&#039;m British, but several years of writing for American sites has thoroughly removed all superfluous letter U&#039;s from my vocabulary.<br /> <br /> I like JRPGs and anime, and will defend the Ar Tonelico series to the death.

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  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @sam stephens What are you hoping to see from Nintendo -- assuming you haven't already seen the leaks? :)

    Posted in USgamer Community Discussion Thread: E3 Day 2

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @gold163 Ah, interesting! So this is a port of a port, then, I believe, because the promotional bumf specifically referred to the PSP version as coming before this one. Or perhaps they're talking rot.

    Well, either way, it's good that more people get the chance to play this.

    Posted in Armored Hunter Gunhound EX PC Review: Robots Like They Used to Make

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    Mario Kart for me... plus, as usual, Final Fantasy XIV. I had my first taste of fighting Twintania the other night, and now I want more.

    As for Mario Kart, I wasn't sure about it when playing it in single-player -- Nintendo still has no idea how to make single-player Mario Kart interesting, Time Trial obsessiveness aside, and that's not for everyone -- but having played a bunch of online this morning, I'm convinced.

    People complain about Nintendo's clunky implementation of online, but Mario Kart 8 provides exactly what I want from a competitive online experience as a 33 year old rather shy man who dislikes voice chat enormously: the ability to play against others in a friendly, welcoming environment without having to worry about being yelled at by teenagers.

    Conversely, the more I read about Watch Dogs, the less I'm interested. Which is sad, because it's the one next-gen game I was vaguely interested in -- I know it's on current-gen as well, but it's always been positioned as a next-gen experience -- and it just sounds, I don't know, unimaginative, uninteresting and unnecessarily padded out.

    Posted in USgamer Community Weekend Discussion Thread: Watch_Dogs or MK8?

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to everyone that has expressed their support for my work here. It really means a lot, and it's not an exaggeration to say that some of the comments brought a tear to my eye.

    Seriously, thanks. I know I have niche interests, but one thing I think I've shown with my reviews and columns here is that there's an audience for content about Japanese games: an audience that wishes to be treated with respect rather than the derision and finger-pointing that so often pervades coverage of this type of material elsewhere on the Internet. And for those who aren't into Japanese games, hopefully at least a couple of my pieces have shown you things you might not have considered giving the time of day previously.

    JPgamer and BOARDgamer will likely be continuing until the end of June -- unless anyone wants to take them over after that -- and then I'm outta here for good, perhaps with occasional freelance contributions, as Jeremy said. I hope anyone who enjoyed JPgamer will join me over at my new blog, which aims to provide a similar type of respectful coverage for Japanese games, both new and old.

    Thanks again for your support, and I'll hopefully see you all around on the Interwebs soon.

    Posted in Welcome to USgamer, Part II

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @kylekboyd50 No idea! Particularly given that when that phrase is used in the game, it's just "Steins Gate".

    I think it's just a quirk that Nitroplus and 5pb. put on that particular series; its predecessor and successor Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes both sport errant punctuation too.

    Posted in Steins;Gate Complete Walkthrough: Get All the Endings and Achievements

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @Critical_Hit Yes, the Japanese pronunciation is something like "ku-raw-leur", I believe, but that doesn't help me all that much when I'm trying to describe the game out loud to someone! Oh well.

    You're right about its limitations, and perhaps some procedurally generated levels would be nice. I find the simple arenas work quite well in this, though, because it's more about efficiently carving a route through the paths of enemies than navigating a maze-like level. Sigma adds a bunch of new stuff over the original, too, like the two-player mode -- which I'm yet to try, but which I can imagine is a blast -- and the Challenge mode, which has a bunch of teeth-gnashingly frustrating 5-10 second challenges for you to take on.

    It's not something I see anyone making their "main" game at any one time, but it's a nice game to have in your collection for when you have a few minutes spare.

    Posted in JPgamer: A First Look at Croixleur Sigma

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @docexe Yep, the potential is clear!

    There is also the potential for an explosion of crap, too, but hopefully the good stuff will rise to the top. :)

    Posted in Here's What You Can Make with the PS4's Upcoming ShareFactory App

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @TheSL Oh, do they not? Shows how long it is since I did this. :) Thanks.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Complete Walkthrough for the Endgame Dungeons

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @nimzy It's preset appearances rather than a true character builder, sadly, but you do get to pick their class, race (which doesn't have to match their avatar, oddly) and voice for attacking, getting hit and dying. And then naming them, of course, which as we all know is the most important bit! The default MC is a bit Black Rock Shooter but he can be anything you want him to be if you so desire. (That said, the game does give you a prominent disclaimer before you start that regardless of your appearance options for the MC, you will be treated as a human male in terms of the story!)
    @jeffk Yeah, I'm kind of the same. I mean -- don't tell Jeremy -- I'm yet to play an Etrian Odyssey game, but I do find myself wondering if I'll stick with them as much as more character-driven things. The feeling of "coming home" offered by Demon Gaze was incentive enough to keep playing, keep adventuring, keep coming back to see what would happen next.
    @renatocosta90 I haven't played it yet -- though a friend of mine has and is loving it -- and you're right; it did kind of just sneak out, didn't it? Hmm. Maybe we should do something about that. Leave it with me!

    Posted in JPgamer: Demon Gaze is an Unabashedly Old-School Dungeon Crawler

  • Avatar for pjedavison pjedavison 4 years ago

    @UnknownJones Interested to hear what you think! I can see it being quite a divisive title, but that's not necessarily a bad thing -- divisive games often lead to interesting discussions. :)

    Posted in The Witch and the Hundred Knight PS3 Review: Don't Call Her "Metallica"