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Uhm, I write about video games on gaming sites too. Hehe.

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  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy plsburydoughboy 2 years ago

    Goddamn this was prescient wasn't it

    Posted in Video Games Cheats 'n Beatums #5: Sonic Sad-venture

  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy plsburydoughboy 3 years ago

    The Game Boy Advance means all the world for me, for a simple reason; I did NOT grow up in a household with video games. The GBA was the first console of any kind that I got to buy with my own money.

    It truly is something I cherish, even today.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Console Evokes the Most Memories for You?

  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy plsburydoughboy 3 years ago

    You guys passed over Art Academy Wii U. Nintendo gave it a quiet reveal too, but it's the one title I know I want for sure :)

    Posted in The E3 Booth Report: Nintendo

  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy plsburydoughboy 4 years ago

    Great piece, this is probably the best retrospective I've read on the man today.

    Posted in Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy plsburydoughboy 4 years ago

    While the GamePad and the Pro Controller are great controllers, I feel that Nintendo is sorely lacking in having a proper arcade joystick. It would go a long way in getting more fighting games in the system, as well as provide a better arcade experience for many Virtual Console games.

    Now, I am aware that Wii arcade joysticks that connect to the WiiMotes are compatible with the Wii U, but would you consider making GamePad arcade joysticks? Place all the triggers on top with the face buttons, make a single ball or beadtop joystick, and add two smaller analog sticks on each side?

    Aside from providing users more options, a GamePad arcade joystick could also open up new gameplay possibilities for the Wii U. It wouldn't replace the GamePad since certain features like Panorama view and tilting the controller would not be tenable, but it would still be a great controller. It would be a premium purchase, but I'm sure for many it would also be a welcome one.

    If not you, I strongly urge you approach Hori or MadCatz about making this controller themselves. Thank you for your time.

    Posted in Ask Us Anything: Nintendo in NYC (June 25)