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  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 18 days ago

    I read the headline and immediately said out loud "Man, I don't!"

    After reading the article it's good to see everyone else feels the same way.

    Posted in What Do You Want out of the Next Console Generation?

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 19 days ago

    This isn't intended as a dig at this article, but gosh this really felt like the generation where we could've just hung out for like A SECOND. We're finally firmly at the point where the work required to outperform our consoles just isn't worth the time necessary to invest, we're settling in on little incremental upgrades and buying the not-best-version of whichever system you want doesn't even really make you miss out on anything, so why are we even worrying about a new generation yet?

    What is the PS4 not doing that you need it to do? What are we up against right now that we need a complete hardware reset within the next two years? I'm an artist with a keen eye for visual design and depending on the game I STILL can't tell the difference between a late-gen ps3 game and a ps4 one unless I'm side-by-siding the pictures.

    In what way are our graphics failing us? What are we missing in connectivity? What Things do we need and not have that can only be solved my hurling our systems into a drum of acid and spending my rent on a new box within the next two years?

    Posted in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two: How the Next Generation of Consoles Will Move Gaming Forward

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman A month ago

    I'm reposting this from twitter, but I think we need to stop treating Kickstarter like it's a retail/pre-order system. It's not. It's an investment platform, that returns product instead of money. And that's not a bad thing! We've seen entirely too many good things from crowdsourcing to dismiss it, but when we contribute to a Kickstarter, we need to behave like investors, not consumers. That means we hold our beneficiaries accountable to some standards, expect updates/transparency, etc., but at the end of the day when we contribute we're not making a purchase, we're exercising risk and we need to acknowledge that.

    Posted in The System Shock Remaster's Hiatus Highlights Kickstarter's Downsides

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman A month ago

    Hrrm. Hmm. Huh. Lemme get this straight Nintendo expects me to pay 70 dollars for a bunch of well-developed minigames and a what seems to be a nearly fully-featured racer and some rudimentary logic-driven robotics tools plus a bunch of packed-in peripherals that are cheaply replaced/replicated because they're made out of CARDBOARD?

    No thanks, Nintendo. I can build a development house to spend a few years developing design concepts and cut up a cereal box on my own thank you very much.

    Posted in New Videos Show Nintendo Labo Is More Complex Than We First Thought

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman A month ago

    @darksoulsplayedme There's a difference between thought policing and noticing when people go out of their way to show off how much of an asshole they are. If these people want to go on youtube and say "look at this video of me being shitty," they shouldn't be shocked when there are consequences.

    Posted in Blizzard is Using YouTube to Find Toxic Overwatch Players

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 2 months ago

    @DrCorndog i would prefer to live in a country where it is much more difficult to own a device whose primary purposed is killing as many people as quickly as possibleEdited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in The US Government is Developing a School Shooting Survival Sim for Teachers

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 2 months ago

    It's good enough for now, but there's already some fine-tuning I'd like to see on the Switch's eShop, and the number of games getting released on it is going to make them really need an overhaul at some point. Can't argue with my choices at all, I'd just like it to be a little easier to browse.

    Posted in Console of the Year: The Nintendo Switch Dominates 2017

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 3 months ago

    I agree, it's high time we shut down all these Doom clones.

    Posted in PUBG's Creator Wishes Games Had Better IP Protection Because of Copycats

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 3 months ago

    So this was the year that I finally got a PS4, and I was sold pretty quickly. However, it's ALSO the year I got a switch, which has really shined a lot of life for what I have time to play and what I don't. The short version is I played the hell out of BotW, and Splatoon, and Picross (super underrated), and still haven't touched Neir: Automota or Danganropa or Wolfenstein. I think it's becoming pretty apparently that the PS4 is going to be my backlog machine, so at least we have a bright future together.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which 2017 Game Did You Miss out on That You Still Really Want to Play?

  • Avatar for qwilman qwilman 3 months ago