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  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 9 months ago

    Sounds great. But PSVR is really picking up steam with some great releases this summer after a drought. I'd probrably still go with that for the best VR experience right now. (With a PS4 Pro is possible to put visuals on par with PC VR headsets.)

    Posted in Oculus Could Release a Wireless VR Headset Next Year

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 11 months ago

    I would so play Zelda 2 with the same treatment.

    Posted in Wonder Boy: Omar Cornut Is Building His Own Miracle World

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    I remember reading a lot of these letters. Though Calling people a smug bastard seems a little harsh and the pot calling the kettle black. I imagine most of these letters were written by kids and teenagers. It's not like your expecting coherent arguments or discussions of the finer points of stuff from a letters section of a game mag focused on that age group. It's also easy to berate people with hindsite. But who makes fun of some kids expressing their love of games by berating their art skills? Sure it probrably won't affect said kids 25 years later but it still seems mean spirited.

    Posted in Old Game Magazines' "Letters to the Editor" Give Us a Glimpse Back at Ancient Gaming Discourse

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    I've been pretty surprised how much I like tabletop mode. The system volume is really loud. And you can sit I. A chair at a desk and just have the small joycon in your hands. It works pretty great. I was surprised I liked this way to play myself. If anything, today I've found the Switch has a lot of versatility on how you can play. Loving it.

    Posted in TV Mode or Handheld? We Asked Indie Devs How They Prefer to Play Their Games on Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this. I had to look up what even the alt-right was. On the one hand, the one post that is circulated on Twitter has Palmer Luckey coming out as a strong Trump supporter and little else. Looking at what the the alt right it, the basic view I have is that they are ultra conservative young white people that some fringe racist, sexist and nationalist groups have attached themselves to, but not all members support. Funding political attack ads against a candidate has a long history. Often these separate political 501c campaigns are used to denigrate a candidate while being separated from a campaign and elicit high money donors. An example would be the Swift Boat veterans attacks against John Kerry. While not specifically part of GW Bush campaign, were funded by Rebulican supporters.

    In addition I also see equally vile attacks from the far left against Hillary Clinton as well. (Obviously for different political ideologies)

    In any case this being election season, it is the time for politics to get way blown out of proportion, and people to wear their ideologies on their sleeve, im reluctant to totally condemn Palmer Luckey for donating to a political activity designed to attack a candidate (which is a long standing practice in America which some people have wanted to do away with, notably Barack Obama has made some strong arguments against it, but that's discussion is far to involved for the here and now.)

    Before I condemn him and boycott his product, I would like to see more objectionable stuff he has said that directly links him to the racist, sexist nationalist fringe element. To me the most objectionable thing is being linked to Milo Yan(please don't make me spell it.)

    As a disclaimer I am a registered democrat and Hillary supporter. (Who voted for Bernie in he primary), but if we boycotted every product based political views, half the products from Apple and things made in Silicon Valley I wouldn't be able to have. Although I certainly respect others right to do so.

    Posted in Oculus Devs Ponder Support of Platform Over Founder's Funding of Political Troll Group

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    The graphics style is kind of unsettling, but I'll be the lone person here to say the game play looks promising? Nobody wants graphics that look like a low budget flash title, even though they maybe do lend themselves to the orifginsl game?

    Posted in Wonder Boy Returns, Again, in Yet Another Revival

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    That said, I'll be buying a 4K tv when I get around to it. And until then no PS4 pro. Am I excited about 4K gaming? Absolutely. But not enough to purchase a TV sooner than I would have otherwise.

    It is nice that instead of laggin behind TV standards like previous console like the Wii and even the PS3 which most games ran at 720p, they Are getting in step with current tv specs.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your View on 4K Gaming?

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    So HDR and 4K kind of go hand in hand. To display more colors and transitions, you need more pixels. Thus you need 4K. You won't be getting HDR on 1080p. (Picture a rose petal transitioning into the shade of its flower. The red let's say will transition it's color as you follow the petal to black. With 1080p you can transition the color only a certain amount between bright red and black across the petal. You can't fit all the colors. Bump the resolution to 4K, you can fit more of those transition colors in the same petal. Thus you have a higher dynamic range of colors that can fit in the same screen real estate.)

    The beauty of 4K and what you notice when viewing on the screen, has never been the resolution, but the increased contrast and colors available when you have more pixels. Your eye can't resolve the pixels individual very well between 1080p and 4K. But it can resolve the much greater contrast and colors visible. If you ever see a good 4K demo that is the most striking thing. And the real benefit to 4K. It allows you to have more resolution to depict lifelike color and contrast.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your View on 4K Gaming?

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 A year ago

    The demise of Nintendo has been greatly exaggerated. It reminds of all the demise of Sega proclamations over the years. But they are still here and have adjusted to the current landscape. I'm sure Nintendo will do fine. They seem to have a plan In place to integrate into the changing games landscape. Selling stuff off and dropping support for older products is just a part of hastening that transformation.

    Posted in For Nintendo, Existence is Crisis, and Crisis Is Opportunity

  • Avatar for sean697 sean697 2 years ago

    I'm assuming future articles will have Mile Mania as a must play for GB, that game was a revelation when I discovered it on 3DS VC.

    Posted in What are the Best Virtual Console Games for Nintendo 3DS?