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  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 2 months ago

    I'm sure those are valid criticisms Zebetite but they also sound like problems that only the tippy top of competitive players will notice... or maybe i'm a dirty casual. Just anytime i hear the words meta tossed around i look around and that doesn't mirror my experiences at playing ranked or turf war.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Is Finally Starting to Feel Like an Actual Sequel

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 3 months ago

    I'm gonna miss this little oddball social experiment for Nintendo. I found the posts and art for splatoon and xenoblade chronicles x ( the 2 games I interacted the most with ) to be endlessly fun, weird and helpful. Splatoon will be a static boring husk of its former self and even splatoon 2 isn't the exact same experience. The inability to follow a user and reply back positively to their art natively isn't the same as hoping they included their twitter in their art post. I went through my old favorited artists just before the end and found art but also just posts on just the persons current mood. Whether it be a triumphant moment in a game or a post saying that you are sad and people consoling or asking why and how I can help. You will be missed you weird little social bubble.

    Posted in A Miiverse Eulogy: So Long to the First True Social Video Game Platform

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 4 months ago

    If you can afford a computer to reasonable pretend to be a ps3/ps4 you can probably afford to buy some copy of persona 5 to play at the very least to be a little more legit

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 4 months ago

    Blah I only saw the trailer and a little blurb on twitter and I thought it was gonna be a actual turn based strategy game that is the spiritual successor to front mission. Now that I know what sort of game that it is, I probably won't look into it further.

    Posted in Here's the Full Trailer for Left Alive, the new Action Survival Game from TGS

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 8 months ago

    This reminds me of gamefreaks nes game Quinty maybe they share a dev?

    Posted in Splatoon and Bomberman Had a Baby and Named It Mekuru

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 10 months ago

    Loved this article Mr. Parish!

    I think this game deserves more then one playthrough even if only to read Tifa's words and actions in a different context. Maybe it's just my head filling in the blanks spots but she has a better context of what is actually what is going on with Cloud then the narrator/player. It changes for me the reason why she tries to keep Cloud around in Avalanche in the beginning and makes me wonder what exactly are Tifa and Aeris talking bout when they go off and have girl talks on occasion in the story.

    Posted in Dissecting Final Fantasy VII, Part 5 -- An RPG Gets Existential With Its Central Question: "Who Am I?"

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains A year ago

    Thats a new splatoon game i feel like btw the models aren't like anything in the wii u splatoon

    Posted in Nintendo NX Revealed as the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains A year ago

    Looking at the JP website gallery and partners page we can see some interesting things like From Software in the partner page and better pics of the various controllers that you can use to control the games with.

    Posted in Nintendo NX Revealed as the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 2 years ago

    If only I could ahold of the special edition and get them all onto one cart... camping the online sites for a chance to get them has been a exercise of patience and disappointment :p

    Posted in Which Version of Fire Emblem Fates Should I Buy?

  • Avatar for sevenpains sevenpains 2 years ago

    Always a pleasure to read a Seth Killian interview, He's really articulate and always says something bout fighting games that worth the time to read over and over.

    Posted in Seth Killian Interview: Evolving the Fighting Game Genre