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  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    Nice piece, but I'm going to call you out on something.

    Back when Shadow Complex came out, you faulted it for being a bit too close to Super Metroid. Now Axiom Verge is praised for being a loving homage. I haven't played the game, but it certainly looks a lot closer to SM than Shadow Complex was.

    How do we reconcile this? How?!

    Posted in Blog: Learning to Let Go

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    I'm speaking from the perspective who bought most of his consoles years after their life span, but my biggest disappointment has to be the original XBox. Sure there are plenty of games, but very few that I hadn't already picked up on PS2 or PC by the time I got one. Plus the thing is giant, and tends to break easily.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Console Disappointed you the Most?

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    I too love FFVI, but am surprised (and maybe a teensy bit relieved) that you managed to go the whole segment without mentioning FFVII, and whether that is the better game or not.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Episode 3: Inaugurating Our RPG Canon with a Classic

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    After playing the fan translation, I'm happy to report that AAI2 is much better than the first one. The new characters are less annoying (I'm looking at you, Kay Faraday) and I love how all of the cases get tied up in a mega-conspiracy at the end. Definitely worth the wait.

    Posted in A Complete Fan Translation has Rescued Ace Attorney Investigations 2 from Localization Limbo

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    I really love Telltale's latest games - the pacing is spot on for the stories they're trying to tell. And I love classic adventure games too - I also grew up on Sierra games. But I think Telltale's biggest missteps were Sam and Max Season 3 and Tales of Monkey Island, which as you say lie somewhere in between. (Okay, I never played Jurassic Park.)

    Season 3 was the easiest and least funny season - I think they just ran out of good ideas. And Tales completely failed to capture the charm of the earlier Monkey Island games.

    Posted in Life is Strange and the Changing Face of Adventure Games

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    Mog is great! In my last Final Fantasy VI playthrough, I got caught off guard by the final battle - there's no warning to get your final party ready. Without going to spoilers, I'll say that I pulled it off on the first try thanks to Mog continuously jumping with the Pearl Lance (a useful trick that I'd discovered not five minutes beforehand).

    So yeah, he's one spry little Moogle.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Who's Your Favorite RPG Character?

  • Avatar for smartfish13 smartfish13 3 years ago

    I bought Majora's Mask on day one (along with the N64 Expansion pack necessary to play it) and was furious with it. The three-day cycle was incredibly frustrating, the world felt small in comparison to OoT, and there was no Adult Link.

    Since then it's become my favorite Zelda - tied with three others, but still. I still have my N64 and a working copy, so I won't be picking up the remake, but I hope that it's successful and that a new generation appreciates the game.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Review: Rewind to a More Daring Time