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  • Avatar for toppform toppform 10 months ago

    It's great that even dumb, meathead shooters can want to say something. Every game doesn't have to go in as hard as Wolfenstein (both games, but I think the second even more than the first) does, but it's definitely setting a standard in being consistent that I wish more action games would follow.

    Posted in In Wolfenstein 2's Quietest Chapter, Evil Hides in Plain Sight

  • Avatar for toppform toppform 10 months ago

    Gonna wait for a few more days before picking up either Wolfenstein or Mario. For now, I've got a newly assembled technical document binder for Shenzhen I/O that I'll be spending time with this weekend.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Playing on This Busy, Busy Weekend?

  • Avatar for toppform toppform 10 months ago

    So glad to hear it delivers on the quieter moments. The action I was always sure would be good, but the characters were what set the first game apart from other shooters. Should be a fun pickup once my next wage hits.

    Posted in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review: Nazi Punks Eff Off

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    I get this. I'm not very good at creating outfits but I try, when games allow it. It's a visual medium and it's fun to play around with that side of it.

    Putting customization behind bars seems a bit weird to me but I probably won't be playing Destiny 2 in particular either way so that's not worth a lot coming from me. Fun article, nonetheless.Edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Destiny 2's New Shader System Has Me Suffering From Shader Hoarder Syndrome

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    The trailer was great and this mix of genres could, in the words of Tim Schafer, either be great or a spectacular failure. I love it.

    Posted in New Trailer for The Good Life, SWERY's New Game About Murder, Alcohol, and Cats

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    It hurts to read about Black Isle's demise. I cannot imagine how it must feel to watch it fall apart from the inside. It helps when I remember how amazing it is that Obsidian has managed to remain independent for so long. Especially knowing how close they've come to closing the doors, themselves.

    The spirit of Black Isle lives on for now and that is fantastic.

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    @MHWilliams thanks. Will keep looking forward to them whenever they appear!

    Posted in Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review: Pass The Torch, Drake

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    I like when reviews don't have to reiterate everything about a game, but rather can hone in on more specific parts of the experience. This two-part format works well with that and I appreciate the discussion that Caty is bringing up (and it's not like the few mentions of it is the entire review, even).

    Will you be doing more double reviews in the future? I'd like it a lot but I'm guessing it's not easy to get several persons to dedicate time to a single game, since there's often a lot of releases that can be covered.

    Posted in Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review: Pass The Torch, Drake

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    This really doesn't sound that enticing to me. I could go for a harder mode but they way they're going about it isn't that interesting. White Bokoblins and mobs in general were already incredibly boring to fight against because of their high hit point pool, now they'll be more common and there'll be another tier above them -- no thanks.

    The trial sounds better but I'm not itching to reboot the game for that just yet.

    I'll be looking out for DLC 2 when that hits and decide if I'll get the pack then.Edited 2 times. Last edited July 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1's Hard Mode Will Kick Even the Best Players in the Teeth

  • Avatar for toppform toppform A year ago

    I'm not surprised to hear that the in-game tone is darker than the trailer. TNO looked very kitschy in the promo material but didn't shy away from showing cruelty, albeit in a wonderfully campy way. If TNC can keep the same balance throughout it can be just as great.

    Posted in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus' Wheelchair Offers a New and Fascinating FPS Perspective