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  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 10 days ago

    I loved Retro Game Challenge, but I was disappointed in the final DQ-like game, which was meant to be the culmination of all the 8-bit nostalgia. Simply put, 8-bit RPGs don't hold up on their own, even fake ones.

    Wii Sports and Warioware (Wii) are maybe the only party games I've really enjoyed, outside of trivia Jackbox stuff, but I have to give a shout-out to WTF (PSP). I purchased it on a whim, at a time when my funds didn't really allow for purchasing games on a whim, and I found its mindnumbing games and randomness weirdly addictive. The games themselves and the presentation fall squarely into the 'WTFJapan' mode of culture, for those who are into that...

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Microgame Collection?

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    I'd go with the first Lumines game - though I enjoyed the rest as well. Something about it just clicked with me, and while I wouldn't find myself listening to that music now (or... ever, really), something about the music and presentation in the original really just clicked with me.

    And it's not like there was much else to play on PSP at the time...

    Honorable mentions: Angry Birds (that's right), Devil Dice, and... does Bomberman count? I feel like it should.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    I was impressed by what I saw, and disappointed by what I didn't see. Sony's deep dive approach worked really well (except for the musical interludes, which were pretty dull for us at home), and showcased what a good lineup of exclusives it has. TLOU2, Spider-man, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding had really strong showings, and I'm interested in all of them (well, almost all... just not TLOU, because zombies zzzzz). One quick note about Tsushima - how downright idiotic is it to have Japanese characters, in Japan, speaking English, in a Japanese accent? I'm really not a 'subs over dubs!' kind of anime purist... but in an historical setting, it seems really stupid. I know the same could be said for any AssCreed game, but for some reason this stands out more.

    Microsoft had a strong show, too, but still no exclusives outside their usual franchises. A new Fable game is just about all that would sell me on the XBO at this point. Meanwhile, Nintendo had absolutely nothing to offer non-Smash fans, but they've seemed pretty content to cater exclusively to their rabid first-party fanbase for quite a while now, and that's cool, I guess.

    I think the real winner is Ubisoft fans... AC, Division 2, Skull & Bones all look like quality titles, if you're into those type of games.

    Posted in The Winners and Losers of E3 2018

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    I'm sure it will feel like a very personal story experience when all these characters refer to you as nothing other than 'Freelancer.' The gameplay actually looked fun, but I have little hope for the story - which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I expect from a Bioware RPG. Could be fun, but so far - it just looks like the world they've built doesn't have much personality to it.

    Another odd bit that wasn't shown (I think?) was how/if you'll be able to customize your character - the actual human, and not the mech suit. Will we ever see him/her? If not, that would be a big letdown and probably hurt the immersion.

    Posted in BioWare Says Anthem's Single-Player Hubs are First-Person Only for "Immersion"

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    SOCOM! You heard it here first. Unless you saw the same leak than I did, in which case... yeah, you know what Sony's conference will look like already (including Bloodborne 2).

    I think it's hard for ANY of these shows to provide much surprise, given how prevalent leaks are.

    Posted in Sony E3 2018 PS4 Games Preview

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    A leak, which at least looks legit, already confirms a Bloodborne sequel (among other things, like a Socom reboot, which is cool), so I wouldn't hope too much for a Demons' Souls sequel... but a remaster sure would be nice.

    Posted in The E3 2018 Announcements We Want Most

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 3 months ago

    @Number1Laing I agree about Division... to an extent. I don't think its story is particularly compelling, but it does a great job of presenting it and its world. More importantly, I think they made an excellent framework for the open-world, solo-or-online type of game that's more common. An interesting evolution of a lot of genres (which, sadly, might also be the death of traditional single player games AND MMOs in the future).

    The game, along with games like Monster Hunter and Destiny, has provided a very solid foundation for games-as-service in different genres. For all their flaws and disappointments, they probably don't get enough credit for that. I would love to see it applied to other licenses and genres, especially by someone with stronger storytelling sensibilities like Bioware.

    Posted in BioWare Testing New Storytelling Approach for Games Like Anthem, Dragon Age

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 4 months ago

    My memories of the chain aren't entirely good - the place was overpriced for actual toys compared to the likes of Wal-mart, Target... and some other forgotten big box stores like K-Mart and Venture. But I do have fond memories of buying games with the plastic sleeves - though they too were overpriced, at times one could find a game vastly cheaper than elsewhere.

    Plus, it was the only place my mom could put down a pre-order for the Dreamcast - the only time I ever received truly lavish gifts for my birthday (which was also the release day) - I was usually spoiled rotten on Christmas, but not that year.

    Posted in RIP Toys R Us: The Giant Corporation That Weirdly Controlled My Childhood

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 5 months ago

    I want fully featured backwards compatability. Not just to enjoy my current PS4 games, but think of all the 'definitive editions' and remasters we've seen on PS4. Those games do NOT need another upgrade, and they better work on the next Playstation, maybe even with some enhancements.

    Other than that, the way consoles seem to be moving towards a PC model, I'm just as happy to spend that money on a gaming PC. This is coming from a Mac user and lifelong console gamer! There's nothing wrong with the current generation - in fact, we're seeing more and more PC games on console, and more console games on PC.

    In the past, console gamers had nice exclusives, better functionality out-of-the-box, and a standardize architecture to run the games on - all at the cost of fidelity and performance. Now, they resemble PC games more and more - released buggy and incomplete, with fragmented console versions, and fewer exclusives - not to mention online gaming isn't free. All the advantages that consoles had are slowly disappearing, and the next big investment I make on that front will be a gaming PC, not a new console.

    Posted in What Do You Want out of the Next Console Generation?

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 5 months ago

    Final Fantasy XI. FF is actually my favorite series of all time, but XI is something special. It has plenty of elements to make it 'Final Fantasy' enough, but it doesn't play like an FF game at all. Whereas every game in the main series through X mostly played out in similar fashions - a story-driven, linear-but-not-TOO-linear adventure as the chosen one and his friends - XI was different altogether. It was a hardcore game that didn't hold your hand, forced the community to grow together in order to unlock is very obscured secrets (and they did!). Progress was slow, combat was hard, missions were vague, death was punishing, and you didn't play as the chosen one (not for a while anyway...). Pretty much no other game in the series can be described like that.

    And yet it still retained a unique FF flavor. People were turned off of it because it was an MMO - but make no mistake, it was still unique within the genre. And it can still be experienced! It's much more accessible these days - well, you'll still have to check a guide for pretty much everything, but at least can be done solo now.

    Posted in What Game Do You Like From a Series, but Not as Part of Its Franchise?