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Sometimes I say things about games. Is that OK?<br /> <br /> Sometimes I say things about games into microphones:

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  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 4 days ago

    I'm trying to open my heart and mind sufficiently to embrace the idea that someone could consider Ardyn to be a better villain than Kefka. It's not going great.

    Do you see, like, waaaaay more of Ardyn in the DLC? Because I've only played the base game and found him to be so thinly characterized as to be more on par with, say, Ultimecia.

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Isn't Just a Good RPG—It's a Great One

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 4 days ago

    The best video game movie I've seen is Silent Hill. It definitely had problems, but I think it turned out pretty well, especially with regard to the visuals (and the soundtrack). It's the kind of thing I'll stop and watch if I stumble across it on TV.

    The second Silent Hill movie is a steaming dung pile that fails on every conceivable level. But that's another matter.

    Posted in Tomb Raider Might Be the Best Reviewed Video Game Movie Ever, Believe it or Not

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 22 days ago

    I can't be alone in hating that battle system.

    ...can I?

    Posted in What Game Do You Like From a Series, but Not as Part of Its Franchise?

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 22 days ago

    Resident Evil 4. It's one of my favorite games of all time, and yet I don't particularly care for any of the other games in the series.

    I know this is essentially blasphemy, but the early RE games always felt stodgy and unpleasant to me, even back when they first came out. And I always had a little trouble with the whole "if you want to open a door in this police station you first need to solve this statue-based puzzle" approach to level design. The ones that came after missed the mark for me as well: RE5 felt like a pale imitation of a better game, and RE6 was...well...RE6 was what it was.

    That said, I've not played RE7 yet, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I get the impression that it provides the same re-invigoration of the series that RE4 did in its day.

    Posted in What Game Do You Like From a Series, but Not as Part of Its Franchise?

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 22 days ago

    @falz3333 The thing I take issue with in this case isn't that they're releasing DLC in and of itself; it's that they're releasing DLC that seems to fill in significant, highly noticeable gaps in the single-player campaign, and that those gaps actively undermined the quality of the story when the game was first released.

    I don't particularly object to, say, that initial round of DLC where Ignis, Prompto and Gladio got fleshed out a bit more, and you saw what they were up to during those bits of time when they weren't around. It did occasionally feel a bit shoehorned in ("hey I'm just gonna go away for a bit, don't worry too much about why" isn't necessarily the most effective way to patch over the bit where the DLC goes later), but I don't think the vanilla game itself was lesser for not including those bits. I still haven't bought it myself, but I don't have any issue with supplemental storytelling through paid DLC.

    Luna and Ardyn, on the other hand, are critically important but distractingly underdeveloped characters - especially if one hasn't watched Kingsglaive to get some pretty imperative back story, which is frankly an issue in and of itself - and I feel the failure to properly flesh out these two specific characters in the first place actively hurt the narrative of the vanilla game. DLC like this isn't supplemental storytelling; it's giving more screen time to a primary antagonist and a vital supporting character who initially received a fraction of the attention they merited given their relevance to the plot.

    Charging for content that serves to develop plot-significant but underrepresented characters strikes me as requiring people to pay additional money for a complete, coherent story in a lengthy, story-driven RPG - a type of game, it seems reasonable to assume, would feature such a thing right out of the box. I think that does a disservice to both the players and the story being told, while bringing more money to the company as a direct result of that disservice.

    If this DLC were free, I'd still consider it a remarkably poor way to handle a narrative, but I'd take back calling it gross.

    Edit: Uh, wow. Sorry about my tendency to write entire novels worth of text and call them "comments."Edited 2 times. Last edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV DLC Releases Will Extend Into 2019

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 23 days ago

    @falz3333 I in no way intended to imply that Square Enix owes me anything.

    What I am very much implying is that I believe this game was released in an unfinished state, and that I find it extremely distasteful (i.e. "gross") to finish the game retroactively while charging people for the privilege of a coherent single-player campaign. I don't find this practice acceptable (i.e., "it's not OK"), and of course I'm not buying any of this DLC as a result.

    I don't understand the issue with any of the words I used. I chose them deliberately, and I maintain that they're perfectly applicable given my feelings on the subject, because that was what I was conveying in the post. Disagreeing with me is one thing, but acting as though my opinion is fundamentally invalid because the words I used "should not apply" seems, for want of a better word, mean-spirited.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV DLC Releases Will Extend Into 2019

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 23 days ago

    This is now just straight-up gross.

    Luna and Ardyn are nonentities in the vanilla game entirely because of how poorly the story is told. The reason fans are clamoring for an episode dedicated to Luna is because she is a highly significant character that gets a fraction of the narrative attention she merits. (An episode for Ardyn is imperative for precisely the same reason: he's so poorly developed that if the article didn't specify who "Ardyn" was I would not have even remembered that was the antagonist's name.)

    It's not OK to release a game with a murky, incoherent story, with characters of narrative importance utterly lacking in substance (not to mention, in many cases, a clear motivation for their actions) and then repeatedly charge players after the fact to retroactively address the problem.

    I thought this game was enjoyable but flawed when I played it, but my opinion of it is souring as it becomes increasingly clear that they're nickel-and-diming players to fill in glaring holes in the narrative that shouldn't have been there in the first place.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV DLC Releases Will Extend Into 2019

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 23 days ago

    When I was a kid, I bought a copy of Harvest Moon for SNES at a GameStop or EB Games or whatever. There were two guys behind the counter, and they gave me a weird look when I brought it over to pay.

    One of them said, "You want to buy...Harvest Moon?" And I was like, "...yeah?" and they both scoffed at me.

    I guess what I'm saying is I was onto something, and those two guys were terrible.

    Posted in Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler Loves a bit of Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam 25 days ago

    In my head, everything Konami does gets lumped into a big, indistinct pile with a sign above it that reads "NOT SILENT HILLS," because it's the only piece of descriptive information about any of their output that matters.

    Posted in Metal Gear Survive Review In Progress

  • Avatar for tvsadam tvsadam A month ago

    I had the $40 spent in my mind already but now everything I've read has made me hold off. I've been slowly playing through the original on the SNES Classic; I guess that will tide me over until a price drop.

    Nadia, timing readjustment aside, how do you feel about the combat? Jeremy Parish's article on Retronauts mentioned some new wrinkles that made it sound rather frustrating.

    Also, a crucial follow-up: can you still stack attack magic by recasting it right after the elemental's animation stops? Asking for a friend who likes to cheese boss fights like a big stinky cheater and who is definitely not me.

    Posted in The Secret of Mana Remake is a Missed Opportunity to Fix the Original's Flaws