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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 2 months ago

    I managed to get Resident Evil 7 and Breath of the Wild done just under the wire. I still need to catch up on a few others though; Persona I'll probably tackle waaaay down the line but Nier I should get around to relatively soon. Odyssey is going to require a Switch which I don't see happening in the immediate future. Same goes for the Resident Evil Revelations Collection. I'm also way behind on Pokemon. I still need to get around to the first Sun and Moon let alone Ultra. And that's just the big name releases. I've got plenty of indies on my "eventually" list.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 2 months ago

    Itahana's artwork for this patch might be one of my favourites so far. It's really got a Chocobo Dungeon/Crystal Chronicles look to it that I just love. And it's nice seeing characters that don't usually get featured on promotional art.
    And as a huge FFIII fan I'm glad the new PvP arena is located at the Crystal Tower.
    Still waiting on the ability to bring Chocobos into dungeons that they announced more than a year ago, but the quality of life changes coming are really appreciated, especially for glamours.
    I'm going to make a very real effort to get to at least one of the Fan Fests this time around.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 2 months ago

    Thanks for reading my novel about Pokemon! Wasn't expecting that.

    Also, if you want to keep the "Pokemon is an MMO" metaphor going, investing in a new iteration is kind of like paying your subscription fee for that season. Which I will still gladly do rather than having a single Pokemon Client that gets updated every year. Patching and updating like that digitally means limiting the availability of those intermediate points that are valuable to the series. I understand Kat's distaste for playing through the story mode again, but when the developer's have proven they can make meaningful sequels like Black/White 2 I don't want to remove that possibility from the table.

    I think the solution that would please people like Kat who are in it for the late game content, would be to have some kind of companion app that comes out alongside the release of the full game with a focus on competitive battling and team-building. Something more akin to a Pokemon Stadium. A Switch app that exists purely to receive an update anytime there's new developments in the battle system. And players use that to exclusively focus on combat while maybe earning points that can be used to transfer items to the main games or something like that. I guess Pokemon Battle Revolution, but good?

    Also, shout out to Xenoblade X's soundtrack. People heap a lot of totally justified praise on XC and 2, but X had some killer tracks. I'm hoping for a Switch port just so more people get a chance to play it.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 2 months ago

    I absolutely love these games. I wish both games were on the cart, but this is still enough to bump the Switch up in my purchase priority list.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 2 months ago

    Kat, I can't disagree with you hard enough when it comes to "third versions" of Pokemon games. This hill is one I think I'm prepared to die on.

    As a design-, preservation-, and series-enthusiast I'm delighted that full retail releases of updated Pokemon games are still a thing. It's an incredible feat that mainline Pokemon games have avoided becoming service-based to this point. As soon as that spheal is broken and each new Pokemon game becomes a platform for additional transactions there will be something lost that I don't think we'll ever get back.

    The demarkation of 'generations' of Pokemon is part of what makes the games so appealing. Each iteration of game design is preserved on a cart that people can always come back to. We can trace design choices back to certain upgrades, and we can relive those designed spaces freely. I'm more than willing to say that the vanilla games in any Pokemon generation are not made superfluous by their upgraded versions.

    I read something of yours not too long ago that suggested that the newest Pokemon is always the one a new player should start with. I don't 100% disagree with that but I think it shows a different set of priorities. A few years ago my girlfriend at the time wanted to play a Pokemon game but was intimidated by the systems upon systems of the then-most-recent-releases, X and Y. So we booted up Sapphire and she ate it up. We moved on to Black and White and she adored it now that she had a better understanding of the game. We could have moved on to X/Y or ORAS, but she was enjoying Unova so much that she started working on Black and White 2. Meanwhile I replayed Black and gained such a new appreciation for that generation that I picked up Black 2 after skipping it the first time around. Revisiting older games in the series, even vicariously through someone else, helps with understanding the design values of a certain time period. And with an iterative series like Pokemon, having a clear delineation of when and how those choices were made is important. Like a time capsule of design preserved in Old Amber, waiting for us to revive it in the laboratory of our handhelds.

    It's easy to be cynical about seeing re-used assets or having to work your way back up from level 5 in a setting that you've already been. But I think of these iterations like remixes of a place I've been before. And unless the original version of that place is still available to experience then we start to lose context for what makes this remix special.

    It's something I've been wanting to talk about for a while and I'm really glad I got to hear your thoughts about it. It gave me a good place to start to understand my argument against Pokemon-as-a-service-platform. I'd really like to hear your or Nadia's or anyone else's thoughts on the matter. I could also go on about how the perfect balance is to release a companion client that is designed purely for competitive battling and the metagame alongside the main retail releases, but that's a whole other pipedream to discuss.

    Love the show as always and Happy American Thanksgiving!

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 5 months ago

    Honourable mentions:
    The pot of chowder in igloos in Animal Crossing
    The sausage in Game and Watch Chef
    The chicken wraps in Personal Trainer Cooking for DS that I used to make in university

    And god bless Caty for reminding me how great the food system in TWEWY is.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 5 months ago

    This remake of IX is kind of my dream. In a perfect world I'd be able to turn on the original font and stop Trance from auto-activating, but the little adjustments that have been made are really fantastic. Disabling random encounters is a god-send and the updated character models are more impressive as I notice more and more details. So glad you're playing through it and I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Also Quina is FF Character of the year all years.Edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: The Final Fantasy IX Report Begins!

  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 8 months ago

    Glad you brought up .hack and the era of episodic RPGs. I don't think it's out of the question to attribute my love of episodic RPGs to Xenosaga and Golden Sun at the time. That fixation continued with The After Years (Another loonie in my 'Victor mentions After Years' jar), Final Fantasy Dimensions, and also led me to one of my favourite games of all time; Live-A-Live for SNES.

    I think a part of that Episodic RPG DNA is what won me over to a few recent free-to-play mobile RPGs. I can recognize their exploitative, cynical nature, but sometimes I just want a good cliffhanger that I can come back to later.

    FFXIV on the other hand sits comfortably somewhere in the middle of "Traditional Episodic RPG" and "Exploitative Nickel and Diming Machine". Obviously they have plenty of systems in place to keep you spending money, but the sheer amount of content, and story, and lore is supremely satisfying.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 8 months ago

    I spent all 220 orbs I had saved and didn't get a single focus character. I'm sorry Charlotte. I'm so sorry.

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  • Avatar for victorehunter victorehunter 9 months ago

    As an After Years apologist, I stand in solidarity with Nadia. There are so many good parts that just got wrapped in a horribly unfun package. I'll be damned if Luca, Calca and Brina aren't some of my favourite characters in the IV universe. I also adore the final dungeon/boss.

    I swear I will move back to Toronto if it means I ever get to talk to someone about After Years again.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Nadia Bought Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Three Times