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  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    @jeremy.parish Trojan is my favorite NES game after Zelda. If that means I have bad taste, so be it!

    Posted in The Greatest Games for NES: 1985-87

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    Nice analogy. Without contrasting the actual story and substance of modern cartoons, hand-inked animation from the forties still looks a hundred times better than modern CGI animation from Pixar and Disney.

    The film industry also faced an evolutionary dead end in the early 80s when film, particularly sci-fi like Star Wars and Aliens, mastered the art of physical models and sets before being replaced with video editing and CGI. The unedited original Star Wars still looks more believable and immersive than anything that has come since. The reliance on physicality that came with such filmmaking kept scenes rooted in realism. Modern CGI just keeps alienating with over-the-top explosions and absurdities in scale that only impress children and the dull-witted.

    In all these cases, these evolutions are driven by the ecomomics of pandering to a lowest common denominator of a large audience that is accepting of reduced quality and lack of substance provided by improvements in technology. Hand animated cartoons and model based film making are probably dead and gone due to the cost in production compared to modern methods, but video game development is much more democratic, and a small team is fully capable of making an experience like SoC using the same tools AAA teams are using.

    Posted in The Lost Promises of Shadow of the Colossus

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    This sale finally drove me to make a spreadsheet of all my game purchases over the last decade, allowing me to sort by price, purchase date, release date, whether I've attempted or beaten it, retailer, genre, platform and whether it uses DRM, along with various calculations on amount spent over my 500 or so games. I noticed I've purchased a lot of duplicates (mostly but not always from bundles), so hopefully this will save me a few bucks!

    Since then I've been pasting all of my unattempted games in to's list generator and randomly picking one, playing for at least an hour. I've completed five games and gave a few others a chance, so at this rate I'll be ready for the 2020 Summer sales.

    Posted in Steam Sale Aftermath: Have We Hit Peak Steam?

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    Looks like Valve froze the live updates of the team points a few hours before the final count so people wouldn't switch to the clear winner. Wonder how many average active members are on each team, around 50k? Good odds I'm sure.

    Posted in Your Weekend Open Discussion Thread

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    Games by developers that have talent and a clear vision, and aren't simply trying their hand at making babies first Unity game, are going to find success. There's a very efficient ecosystem in place now for finding the cream of the crop. Youtube, Twitch and websites like this, PC Gamer, Eurogamer and Neogaf all help reinforce the buzz around the best games. Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, FTL, Fez, Thomas Was Alone, Binding of Isaac, Bastion/Transistor, Kerbal Space Program, The Stanley Parable, Terraria, and Hotline Miama are all highly original in some way and have easily found their audience. The problem isn't that there is a bubble, but that there are so few really standout and worthwhile indie games coming out in contrast to the insane number that are being produced. There really hasn't been a standout indie game this year, and nothing exciting is on my radar slated for release except for Crypt of the Necrodancer and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

    The comparisons the mobile market are pretty apt. Mobile games are good for a quick 5-10min throwaway experience. I keep a pretty close eye on most new indie games, and they largely seem to fit that samey clone mold, even if they have more interesting and fleshed out mechanics and lack the ridiculous F2P gating mechanisms found on mobile. Take a browse through this years releases and try to count the number of games that don't include one of a handful of keywords in their title: Dungeon, Pixel, Quest, Tower, or Legend, or that aren't a 2D pixel platformer with roguelike elements.

    Posted in Is There Really an Indie Bubble?

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    If you use Durante's GeDoSaTo tool with the Asmodean profile (Durante's default profile looks way too low contrast and dark for me), the lighting looks fairly similar to the initial gameplay trailers. The game looks quite a bit better (though not as drastic as an unmodded DkS1), and you actually have to use torches to see very far in the dark now. With a GTX 670 I was still getting a smooth 60 fps downsampling from 3840x2400 to 1920x1200.

    It would be nice if they actually put some of these changes in with a patch, but given that it took Durante literally 30 minutes after the release of Dark Souls 1 to make it look 50x better and they haven't fixed that after two years, I wouldn't count on it.

    Posted in Dark Souls 2's Crown of the Sunken King Brings A Second Helping of Suffering

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    Rainbow Six also surprised me. That franchise hasn't been interesting to me since Rogue Spear. I'm bummed they're not going back to that pre-mission planning tactical planning phase, letting the AI then take over the real time combat or letting you switch between team members at will. Nothing has scratched that particular itch in the last ten years except for Frozen Synapse. But Siege does look promising if they can manage to make online matchmaking palatable. I don't have enough friends that would be interested in it to make a regular five man team.Edited June 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Jeremy's Picks

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    Meanwhile, WB Montreal still refusing to patch multiple game breaking bugs in Origins almost a year after shipping.

    Posted in USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Mike's Picks

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    I think it's just a timed exclusive. It was originally announced as a PC game, they probably were able to get a nice cash infusion with this deal. They'd be needing a VERY large cash infusion from Sony for it to make sense going PS4 exclusive after this E3.

    Posted in USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Mike's Picks

  • Avatar for weevilo weevilo 3 years ago

    The loudly vocal portions of the feminist and LGBT communities have really managed to have a chilling effect on rational discourse around their issues in gaming lately. Not that Assassin's Creed is anything like a reality simulator, but what sense does it make to run around as a ninja female assassin in nineteenth century Europe? I've seen a few forum comment sections mention how the most famous assassin of the French revolution was a woman, but all she did was knife the dude in a bathtub after gaining his confidence, then let herself be captured.

    Making every popular developer whose games don't cater to their whims as the target of an internet social justice mob campaign makes them all look like idiots and nutbags to the rest of the gaming community. But painting all women and other minorities as represented by these people and their agenda is just as silly as using Kaceytron or some of the other more disgusting and opportunistic "GRRRRL" gamer personalities as figureheads of their demographic.Edited June 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in E3 2014: When Did "Female Protagonist" Become Code for "Creative Ambition"?