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  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak 5 months ago

    Megaman 2: every now or then. Only started against Heat man once.

    Chrono Trigger: Only New Game + nowadays. I don't have the patience for levelling up anymore.

    Castlevania. Though I'm too rusty to get past level four, I love Wicked Child.

    Posted in What's Your Most Replayed Game?

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak 6 months ago

    'Guns don't kill people. Video Games kill people'

    Posted in Trump's Video Game Meeting Today: Everything You Need to Know

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak 8 months ago

    That is one of the weirdest things I've seen in a long time. I love it.

    Posted in Nintendo Labo for Switch Taps Into the DIY Spirit for New Types of Play

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak 9 months ago

    I don't mean to be snarky, but an improvement of 1 sec. can hardly be considered "shattering".

    Well played, anyways.

    Posted in Goldeneye Speedrunner Shatters 15-Year-Old Record

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak 11 months ago

    A good two-player game. Super Tennis, Turtles in Time, Zombies or Bomberman would all be good choices, though I'd personally prefer NHL 93 or 94, or maybe NBA Jam. Just to get the boys back together for an evening of Coca-Cola, pizza and endless banter.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Additional Game Do You Want on the SNES Classic Edition?

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak A year ago

    Most of the PC games I got for our 486 dx (33 Mhz) back in the day were cracked copies; Dune 2, Civilization, Monkey Island, UFO, and some more too. At some point, I wanted to own an actual game, box and all, and saved up a lot of money to buy a game. Finally down at the store, I saw a Mario game I'd never heard of before: Mario is Missing. And, being a Nintendo kid at heart, I bought that one. Back home, I found that it was an endless, boring slog of an edutainment game, in which Luigi (I think) couldn't jump, run or anything, and was controlled with the mouse! I played two cities, which took forever, and never returned.

    Either that or Bayou Billy, whichever I bought first...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak A year ago

    Back in the day, I paid NOK 900 or so for SF II Turbo, plus 300 for a PAL-NTSC adapter, a grand total of NOK 1200. At the exchange rates of the time, that must have been just south of USD 200. In 1995. (I never told my parents how expensive that actually was, but it paled towards FFIII, for which I paid NOK 1100 + NOK 1500 to have my SNES modded (FFIII didn't run properly on adapters), for a grand total of NOK 2600, or USD 380.

    But for a regular SFII today, making my own Money and all, USD 100 is far too expensive...

    Posted in Capcom is Re-Releasing Street Fighter 2 on the Original SNES

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak A year ago

    Metroid II was the one that got away for me, I got lost in the shapelessness of the map and failed at every return. I'm excited about the remake, though it looks a bit too 'modern' for my old bones, and the melee moves seem off, I think.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid II: Return of Samus

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak A year ago

    Thanks Jeremy, it's been a great read (though I must admit that I, for time reasons, have only played through the entire Shovel Knight once, and the add-ons not at all).

    And though the end of this series makes me a bit sad, you'll probably go on to new, exciting Projects (like you've done a dozen times before).

    Posted in Shovel Knight Uncovered, Part 4: Final Thoughts on Shovel Knight

  • Avatar for whitestreak whitestreak A year ago

    It's kinda interesting that games like the two DS Zeldas are maligned in retrospect, when the critics were positive at release. I bought Phantom Hourglass for that, and it's the only Zelda game I really hated. The touch controls were annoying, though the stealth part didn't bother me as much as it did others.

    I think one should rather start with LTTP than LA. The latter is more puzzle-y and a bit weird, and one can appreciate those departures from the formula better when one knows the formula well. That said, I love LA above all other Zelda games for the music and the emotional story.

    I love Zelda II too, but it isn't really a Zelda game. If you are up for some rock hard 8-bit platform-RPG stuff, you should definitely play it, but for a Zelda experience, it isn't suitable.

    I don't really know the 3d Zeldas except OOT and MM, and hence cannot recommend any sequence. But for the 2d Zeldas, they should be played like this:

    LBW (you cannot appreciate this game properly if you don't know LTTP
    MC (because it reiterates LTTP and is quite pleasant)
    LA (because it is the best)
    Legend of Zelda. The original.

    Posted in Which Legend of Zelda Should You Play First?