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  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 2 days ago

    @AceOfCakez just wait til we get normal form goku, ssj3 goku, super saiyan god goku, kid goku, GT kid goku, baby goku...

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Bardock and Broly as DLC Characters

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 8 days ago

    One could argue it isn't Persona 5 without romancing Makoto

    Posted in New Trailer Drops for Persona 5 Anime

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 9 days ago
  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 10 days ago

    The number one thing I remember about this game was that at the local anime night, people would get together in the mech battle arena in it and play it like a fighting game. It was a strange time.

    Posted in Why Xenogears Remains Enduringly Popular on its 20th Anniversary

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 11 days ago

    I'd probably opt for a Famicom (with the NES cart adapter). I find myself revisiting that era most regularly and there's still a ton of games I'd love to go through on there. Runner ups would likely be the Atari 2600, the Bally Astrocade (with the BASIC cart and an mp3 player full of game wavs) the SNES, and the Neo Geo - if I've got someone else on the island to hang with in Metal Slug and KOF.

    Posted in What Would Be Your Desert Island Console?

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 15 days ago

    @johnpading95 Not only that, but Mr. Wizard announced on twitter that they're setting up an official stage/stream for side tournaments that more than a certain number of players to showcase their top 4 or so matches. Sound to me like them throwing a bone to the KOF/Marvel Infinite scenes, and generally I think it's a sound idea. There are a lot of smaller scenes that are active, and I'd love to see an official stream of say, CvS2, or Skullgirls, or SF2.

    And it's true - MvCI hasn't been a sales force, but it is a pretty popular tournament game. It being absent the same time that Arcsys is getting Evo to advertise its as-yet-unreleased tag game isn't a great look.

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Why We Hate Audio Logs

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 16 days ago

    According to one of the organizers over on twitter, Mark Julio, Tag Battle's presence is because of how much support Arc Systems gives Evo... which reads to me that it getting top billing is basically to advertise the game in return for promotion/prize money etc. it's been also pointed out by the Marvel scene's big names that MvCI routinely gets top 3 turnout in major tournaments across the US. What a janky lineup.

    Posted in Evo 2018's Lineup Skips Over Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 16 days ago

    Ridiculously Marvel still gets more players than Injustice 2 (and Guilty Gear), so if anything is a weird pick it would be that one. KOF brings in the international players, so even though it gets smaller numbers it always is quite a hype game to watch. I'm meh on Smash and Cross Battle, myself. It smacks of Arcsys, Warner and Capcom paying for games to get in, plus some Smash, rather than what is getting the biggest player base.

    Posted in Evo 2018's Lineup Skips Over Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 24 days ago

    This has always been my concern about remastering games from older platforms. Those limitations can become vital parts of how they look, how they play. Losing those can fundamentally alter the game itself.

    For something like Dragon's Trap, that new remaster may well be a wonderful work of art unto itself. But you get something like this, or even the Mario All Stars collection, and it just seems like something got lost in translation.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Shadow of the Colossus' Remake on PS4 Loses the Magic in its Quest for Technical Brilliance

  • Avatar for yuberus yuberus 24 days ago

    Kefla would be cool, but I'd also be down with Caulifla and Kale as separate characters too. I mean, we've already got multiple Gokus and Vegetas, why not? Cabba seems quite likely, with or without his fellow U6 saiyans.

    To round out some more female representation, Ribrianne, Lunch, and Yurin could all be solid choices. Lunch in particular could be unique (except maybe for Mr. Satan) in terms of using actual weaponry to fight.

    Tao Pai Pai would be a nice pick from the original Dragonball era, and maybe the Terminator android too?

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters That Might (and Should) Be Coming as DLC