Sony Patents What Sounds Like Its Own Version of Amiibo

Sony could be eyeing the digital collectibles market.

Splatoon 2 Octoling Amiibos Get a Release Date and One Has A Creepy Unlockable Outfit

What the heck is that mascot supposed to be?

Super Smash Bros Amiibo for Ridley, Inkling, and Wolf Coming in December

There are new Amiibo and re-releases in our future!

Next Week's New Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina Amiibo Perks Revealed

The duo has look inspired by their Octo Expansion looks.

Ridley Gets a Sweet Amiibo Alongside Inkling Girl and Daisy

The leader of the Space Pirates is looking sharp.

Nintendo Switch On Track To Beat Wii U Lifetime Sales In Its First Year

Estimates for for Switch sales increased to 16.7 million for the year.

Nintendo Addresses the Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Controversy

So you can unlock a hard mode in the game, but...

Metroid: Samus Returns is Way More Expensive if You Want to Play Everything

Nintendo's amiibo strategy is starting to get in the way of gaming.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo Update Goes Live

Today's Nintendo Direct was all about inviting Amiibo to your Animal Crossing town.

Nintendo Expects to Ship 2 Million Switches By the End of March

We don't know the exact release date of the Switch, but Nintendo's sales estimates are conservative.

Zelda 30th Anniversary Celebration: Zelda Amiibo, DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Legends, Art Books, and More

We won't be seeing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild this year, but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing plenty of Link and Zelda.

Nintendo Needs NX: Sales and Profit Way Down in Q1

The lack of major releases during the quarter hurt Nintendo's bottom line.

Nintendo Treads Water For 2016; Amiibo and Splatoon Keep It Floating

Nintendo's still in the black this year, with sales and profits down.

Stream: Check Out Twilight Princess HD's Cave of Shadows

Kat streams Twilight Princess HD's Amiibo-exclusive content at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Nintendo 3DS Review: Blood Will Tell

Intelligent Systems offers Fire Emblem: Awakening fans a true sequel.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD May Have an Amiibo-Unlockable Dungeon

If the "Twilight Cave" is only accessible via a specific Amiibo, it's a good way for Nintendo to use its toys -- though the idea might backfire.

Nintendo Wants a "Stronger Connection" Between Amiibo and Games

Despite a recent major release being Amiibo-free, Amiibos aren't going anywhere at Nintendo.

Nintendo Goes RPG Crazy: Twilight Princess HD! Dragon Quest VII and VIII! And... Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.!?

The current slate of Nintendo consoles may be entering their twilight years, but they sure won't be going quiet into that good night.

Skylanders Superchargers Wii U Review: It's About Ethics in Toy-Based Games

Activision's latest toys-to-life creation goes heavy on quality, light on opportunism.

Contest: Think You're a World-Class Mario Maker? [Contest Closed!]

Submit your best Mario Maker creation and you could win a fabulous prize. We'll name winners once we play through a few hundred submissions...

Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash 3DS Review: Lashadaisical

Despite a solid premise, Chibi-Robo's latest adventure lacks the refinement it needs to become a classic.

Before Amiibo Cards, Nintendo Gave Us e-Reader

The notion of transmitting video game data via trading cards may seem strange, but with Amiibo Cards are simply another instance of Nintendo repurposing an old idea.

Does Shovel Knight's Amiibo Herald a Serious Move Into Toys for Nintendo?

How Nintendo's insanely successful Amiibo lineup is diversifying, and what that could mean.

Nintendo's First Quarter is Strong, Thanks to Splatoon and Amiibo

The company finds good money in trying out new ventures

"Honestly, we just wanted Animal Crossing Amiibo": Nintendo's Aya Kyogoku on Evolving The Series

Nintendo's new Animal Crossing boss explains the origins of upcoming spinoffs Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer.

What? Nintendo is Evolving! The Company Finds Profit Again

Nintendo finally finds profitability again. What is the company becoming in order to make that happen?

USgamer Answers: What's Up With Nintendo's Amiibo Situation?

It's hard to find many Amiibos these days. How does the team feel about Amiibos and how Nintendo is handling their release?

The State of Nintendo Amiibo: Availability, Compatibility, and Other Questions

Everything you need to know about Nintendo's Amiibo figures. What's out there, what's coming, and what games are compatible.

Nintendo's Amiibo Problem: Low-Stock, Scalpers, and Poor Communication

Nintendo's Amiibo launch has been good for the company, but bad for the average consumer.

Gallery: Up Close With Nintendo's Amiibos

We get up close and personal with Nintendo's new interactive figurines.

Nintendo Direct Recap: Majora's Mask 3D, Amiibo, and an E3 Refresh

Today's Nintendo direct had big announcements and a few reminders that Nintendo's still around.

E3 2014: Nintendo Needs to Avoid Crossing the Line with Amiibo

In going "full Skylanders," Nintendo needs to be keenly aware of the line between enhancement and requirement.