The Time Nintendo Got Hooked En Masse on Space Invaders Because of Hiroshi Yamauchi

Some "research" led to a company-wide obsession in 1978.

Sega's New Arcade Micro-Console Already Has One Rare Game in Its Lineup

You can't keep a good Death Adder down.

Why I'm Still Playing Gradius 35 Years After Its Original Release

On its 35th anniversary, the Vic Viper lives on.

Arcade Closures Have Sparked a Killer Queen Single-Player Experiment

Abs vs The Blood Queen is set to take Killer Queen from ten players down to one.

The Donkey Kong Cheating Scandal Is Scheduled for a Court Hearing Soon

Billy Mitchell filed suit against retro gaming scorekeepers Twin Galaxies last year.

What Was the First Co-Op Game? Depends on How You Define It

Atari's Fire Truck is one of the first co-op games in arcades, but that's only one dimension.

House of the Gundead Fits the Chaos of Enter the Gungeon in an Arcade Cabinet

The Enter the Gungeon spin-off makes a number of risky genre moves, but is better off for it.

Whatever Happened to Mike Ross, The Fighting Game Star Who Walked Away?

The story of a fighting game superstar's rise to fame, and how it almost ended him.

M2 Shows Us Aleste Branch, the Triumphant Return of a Classic 8-Bit Shmup

Aleste is making a comeback from the studio that made Sega Ages, the ReBirth series, and more.

What's Your Favorite Arcade Memory?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Following Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, a legendary arcade game, turning 20 this week, we look back on our favorite arcade experiences.

How a Parry Saved Street Fighter: 20 Years of 3rd Strike

Everyone loves a comeback.

Capcom Home Arcade is an Outrageously Priced Plug-and-Play Retro Console

It's certainly a Capcom machine alright.

Konami Anniversary Collections Bring Castlevania, Contra, and Arcade Classics to Consoles and PC

Starting a prayer circle for the inclusion of Castlevania Bloodlines.

Pop-Up Book About Sega's Arcade History Looks Brilliant

It's a history you can touch. Sensually, if you like.

Whip! Whip! is an Adorable Throwback to Retro Taito Arcade Games

With maybe the best grappling hook-thing since Umihara Kawase.

Giant Border Break Mech Model Has Parts Bigger Than Your Head

There's no way your cat will be able to bat this gargantuan model's pieces under your couch.

The Rock Dunks on Doom While Touting Rampage's Reviews

Right in front of the official Doom Twitter account too.

Taito President Goes Undercover Boss at His Arcade Chain

Undercover Boss goes abroad to the Taito Arcades of Tokyo, Japan.

King of Kong Star Billy Mitchell Accused of Lying About World-Record Donkey Kong Runs

An analysis of Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong runs reveal some irregularities.

SSX Creator Thinks Rocket League is a Successor to EA Sports BIG

"I miss action-arcade titles and I think the reason they kind of disappeared is for the most part because there haven't been any good ones."

Business Sold Fake Pac-Man Arcade Machines Near Bandai Namco Headquarters

Arrests and charges against the fake arcade company have been made.

Welcome to the Jungle, Part 2: Tokyo Jungle's Unpredictable Ecosystem

FIELD NOTES: Animal hierarchies rise just as much as they fall in the post-apocalyptic arcade survival game Tokyo Jungle.

Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1: Tokyo Jungle’s Resurrected City

FIELD NOTES: Caty revisits her favorite Pomeranian, the star of the post-apocalyptic arcade survival game Tokyo Jungle.

Polybius Reimagines an Urban Legend with Psychedelic Grace

DIGITAL GEMS: Finally, a reason to dust off your Playstation VR headset.

Konami Gets Its Act Zero On With Bombergirl For Arcades

Never underestimate the Otomedius play from Konami.

Red Dead Redemption's Curious 8-Bit Origin Story

How 2017's Western juggernaut can trace its family history all the way back to the frontier days of 1985.

This Week's Retronauts is Like Lovin' an Elevator

A look back to that brilliant but rarely seen mid-'90s arcade classic, Elevator Action II.

Retronauts Rumbles with the History of Punch-Out!!

This week on USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we dig into the surprisingly deep history of Nintendo's gloriously cartoony take on pugilism.

What I Learned From a Week in Tokyo and BitSummit

A few parting thoughts as I head back to the U.S. Plus, some articles you might have missed.

Inside California's Secret Arcades

COVER STORY: With the arcade scene long since dead and buried, hobbyists are building private arcades of their own. We visited one.

Retronauts Comes Down With a Terminal Case of Pac-Man Fever

There's no cure, 'cause we're headed for the kill screen.

SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3DS Review: Virtuous Console

While this M2-developed SEGA compilation has its drawbacks, it's still a heck of a package.

Interview: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman on Bringing Dragon's Lair to the Big Screen

The animation legend and his producer partner shed light on their campaign to turn the 1983 arcade classic into a full-fledged movie.

The Day I Melted An Asteroids Machine

Old Man Rignall spins one of his ludicrous yarns from the olden days of gaming.

Forgotten Cousins: Free-to-Play Games and Arcade Games

Why do we get boiling mad over free-to-play games when their methods of monetization are similar to arcade games of old?

PAX South 2015 Day 0: Visiting the Otaku Cafe

If you're in San Antonio this weekend, take some time out to enjoy a unique arcade experience.

Dispatches from PAX Prime 2014: On the Glory of Faded Heroes

Some things only get better with age, even if they risk deteriorating out of existence.

Pinball and Arcade Cab Designer Python Anghelo Dies After Battle with Cancer

The man behind the Joust and Sinistar arcade cabinet artwork -- plus too many pinball machines to count -- has passed away at the age of 60.

In Search of the Holy Grail

Cassidee Moser tells the story of Seth and Tim Peterson, the owners of the San Francisco-based arcade rental service All You Can Arcade.

Daily Classic: Elevator Action II, An Arcade Oddity Too Beautiful for This Miserable World

What if they held a sequel and no one came?

Daily Classic: Strider 2, an Arcade Game Born into the Wrong Era

A faithful sequel that fell flat through no fault of its own.

Daily Classic: When Cinematic Games Put Gaming First, Arcades Gave Us Strider

Like a game and a movie (but more of a game).

Daily Classic: U.N. Squadron's SNES Identity Change

A solid shoot-em-up that was inflicted with a baffling identity crisis.

With Pac-Land, Arcade Platformers Raced Into the Future

While other heroes experimented with design, Pac-Man blazed a trail straight ahead.

Punch-Out!!, the Swan Song of an Arcade Legend

30 years ago, Nintendo dropped the mike on its arcade roots with a stunning boxing sim.

35 Years Ago, Nintendo's First Brush With Video Disaster

In 1979, a single game nearly sank the company's game business before it even launched.

Seoul Caliber: Inside Korea's Gaming Culture

Eurogamer's Tom Massey on Gangnam style, PC Bangs and social arcade play.

Remembering Pac & Pal, Pac-Man's Strangest Arcade Adventure

The oddest and most obscure Pac-Man sequel ever celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, but should anyone care?

Love for the Middle Child: Mario Bros. Turns 30

Mario and Luigi leapt into their first starring roles in an arcade adventure its creators seem oddly eager to forget.

Ex-King of Fighters Devs Launch Crowdfunder for New 2D Fighter

Three former SNK/King of Fighters staffers need your help to make the 2D fighter they've always wanted to make.