JPgamer: How Gust Made Me a Fan of Crafting

In this week's JPgamer, Pete looks at the work of Japanese developer Gust, and explores the company's curious emphasis on crafting.

JPgamer: What's Nyu with You?

This week in our roundup of all things Japanese, a spotlight on doujin publisher Nyu Media, plus news from Gust, Compile Heart, Sega and Square Enix -- including a Final Fantasy XIV announcement sure to please long-serving classic JRPG fans.

The Hidden Depths of Otaku Games

Are titles like the upcoming Senran Kagura Burst nothing but fanservicey pandering, or do they offer something more? Pete chats at length with Xseed and NIS America about the more misunderstood end of Japanese video game culture.

I Shall Give You Endless Earth: An Ar Tonelico Retrospective

JRPG developer Gust may be best-known for its Atelier series, but as Pete discovers, its other franchise Ar Tonelico is well worth exploring too.