What Was the First Co-Op Game? Depends on How You Define It

Atari's Fire Truck is one of the first co-op games in arcades, but that's only one dimension.

Sleep With Atari (In Its New Line of Hotels)

The fun is back, oh yes-sir-ee, it's a chain of hotels from A-tar-i!

Interview: We Ask Atari's CEO About Lingering Questions Surrounding Its Retro Linux Box

The VCS is more like an "open PC," but recent controversies and delays paint a grim picture. We ask Atari's head where it's headed.

Atari CEO: "Every Atari VCS is Essentially an Open PC"

Frederic Chesnais talks to USG about where the new Atari box will fit in a modern landscape.

New Report Paints Fuzzy Picture for the Future of Atari's Throwback Box, Though Atari Disagrees

New reports don't seem keen on the Ataribox's future.

Spat With Newspaper Leaves Atari With Egg on its Face

Atari hit with receipts.

Atari Stock Jumps 52% After Announcing New Cryptocurrency Venture

Because 80s nostalgia has me longing for cryptocurrency?

Atari Speakerhat Impressions: The Real Cyberpunk Dystopia is Falling in Love With This Hat

Earlier this year I made fun of the Atari Speakerhat. Now I kind of like it.

The Ataribox is More Powerful Than Originally Believed, Could Cost Around $250

The Ataribox isn't just a NES Classic also-ran.

The Atari Speakerhat is a Weird Attempt at Blade Runner's Future Technology

Okay Atari, I'll bite. Let me test out the hat.

Relive the Past With Atari's New Ataribox

Atari is releasing an NES Classic-type throwback console.

Planet Coaster Dev Sues Atari For RollerCoaster Tycoon Royalties

Frontier Development is making sure it gets paid for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

The Day I Melted An Asteroids Machine

Old Man Rignall spins one of his ludicrous yarns from the olden days of gaming.

The Sky is Falling in Episode 10 of From US to You!

Join us for 75 minutes of podcast delight: We bear witness as the games industry casts down the old gods.

Atari's Tempest and Llamasoft's TxK: Spiritual Successors vs. Copyright Infringement

Jeff Minter says Atari is bullying him legally, trying to diminish his contributions to Tempest, and kill TxK.

Asteroids Outpost: Let's Reboot Other Atari Games!

Asteroids Outpost takes the Atari classic in a completely different direction. Mike makes educated guesses on what's next.

The Game Boy's First-Person Shooter (And Other Stories From an Ill-Starred Sub-Genre)

Handheld platforms may not be particularly well-suited for first-person shooters, but it's not for want of trying.

Date Set for Excavation of ET Cartridges Burial Site

One of gaming's most notorious urban legends is soon to be proven -- or disproven.

How the Mighty Have Fallen: Atari Moves into Social Gambling

One of the most iconic names in gaming history continues to become a shadow of its former self.

Three Atari Classics Prepare for Titanfall

Are classic arcade games better with a Titan? Now you can find out for yourself.

2013 in Review: Our Earliest Video Gaming Memories

We all have plenty of favorite gaming memories. But what about our very earliest one? The team looks way, way back into their childhoods to figure that out.

1983: The Summer That Changed the World

30 years ago Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft entered the Japanese console race. In doing so, they reshaped the future of games.

Origins of the Open World: Alternate Reality

The coming year looks set to be "the year of open-world" -- but the concept is quite a bit older than you might think.

Why Did Atari Fail in Japan?

30 years ago, Atari made its official debut in Japan, hoping to go toe-to-toe with upstarts like Nintendo and Sega. It bombed hard.