BitSummit Announces Online Showcase BitSummit Gaiden For End of June

The indie expo returns as a digital showcase.

New Deer is Blazing a Trail for Western Animation in Japan

How one animation enthusiast hopes to use games to broaden Japan's cultural horizons.

How a Blind Prince is Guiding NIS to a Better Future

With the help of a monstrous princess… and many talented up-and-comers.

With The Good Life, Swery Aspires to Make Life and Games Truly Good

But maybe that's a given in a game where you can ride around on the back of a sheep.

Lumines Remastered Owes Its Existence to Nintendo Switch

Further cementing the system's reputation as the modern-day PSP and Vita replacement.

Black Bird Sees a Quirky Creator Bring His Unique Touch to One of Gaming's Oldest Genres

Though it's just as offbeat in action as you'd expect from the man behind No More Heroes.

Astalon: Tears of the Earth, a Friendlier Take on the La-Mulana Experience

Coming to you live from the creator of Castle in the Darkness.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Could Turn out to Be the Best Modern Castlevania Game

…even if it isn't really a Castlevania game.

With Jupiter and Mars, Two Former Game Journalists Hope to Save the Planet

Walk 100 miles in another dolphin's shoes. Or maybe swim. In their fins.

Cave Story Publisher Nicalis Brings an Eclectic Slate of Games to the West

Nicalis' BitSummit 2018 showing in Japan had a big emphasis on Switch games too.

The Past was on Prominent Display at BitSummit 2017, but the Event Feels Like The Future

Look past the loving tributes to retro games and Japan's premiere indie games event feels like the natural, inevitable destiny of video gaming.

Iconoclasts Offers the Perfect Combination of Vintage SEGA And Nintendo

Konjak brokers peace for the 16-bit console wars.

We Don't Need a New Castlevania Game When We Have Brave Earth Prologue

Blurring the line between tribute and clone in the nicest way possible.

Line Wobbler: Finally, a Truly One-Dimensional Game

A highlight of this year's BitSummit demonstrated the appeal of the shallow.

Platinum Wants to Build Stronger Bonds With the Indie Development Scene

"Practically speaking, I want to help raise up a new director," says Atsushi Inaba.

Axe of the Blood God Episode 18: USgamer x 8-4 Play

Kat cracks open a chuhai and joins the 8-4 Play crew to talk current events, Japanese RPGs, and localization.

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Japanese indie development is still in its infant stages, but it's light years beyond where it was just a couple years ago.

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BitSummit 2015 Diary, Day 1: The Unlikely Hero of Brave Yamada, and the Peculiar Nostalgia of Back in 1995

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Inside Japan's Indie Scene

A plethora of Japan's most promising independent developers did something unusual recently: they met each other.