bitsummit 2016

What I Learned From a Week in Tokyo and BitSummit

A few parting thoughts as I head back to the U.S. Plus, some articles you might have missed.

Why Japan's Most Famous Retro Game Shop Matters More Than Ever

Japan's retro shop has faded from its previous glory, but it still has an important role to play.

Atsushi Inaba: Platinum Has No Future Without Its Own IPs

Freedom is Platinum's watchword as the studio deals with the harsh forces of independent game development.

Yoot Saito and Kenichi Nishi: Two Japanese Indie Veterans Are Back to Making Games

Yoot Saito and Kenichi Nishi have been independent longer than pretty much anyone else, and both have new projects underway.

Let's Read Unity-chan's Manga Origin Story Together

Want to know the origin story of Unity Japan's anime mascot? We read the comic.

Q Games' Dead Hungry Spearheads A Busy Show for VR at BitSummit

Yep, VR is just as big a draw in Japan as it is anywhere else.

God, Please Let Black Bird and Brave Yamada Come West

Why we want to play these gems by Onion Games in English.

You Don't Have to Be a Fan of the Original to Appreciate the Wonder Boy III Remake

A deep love for the original Wonder Boy III pushes a small group of developers to go above and beyond.

A Brief Guide to BitSummit, Japan's Indie Expo

We're in Kyoto to cover BitSummit! But what is BitSummit? Here's what you should know.