Capcom Vancouver

Capcom Vancouver Shutting Down Following Cancellation of All Current Projects

Game development will be focused in Capcom Japan.

Puzzle Fighter is Shutting Down as Capcom Vancouver Focuses on the Next Dead Rising

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Happy holidays, and a gory New Year!

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Dead Rising Remasters Coming This September for $20 a Pop

Capcom has priced and dated the upcoming remasters of previous Dead Rising titles.

Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Off the Record Bringing Zombie Stomping to PS4 and Xbox One

Capcom is planning to release everything Dead Rising for this generation of consoles.

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Capcom Vancouver revisits the series' greatest hits in its new sequel.

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Dead Rising 3 is a fun game, but this PC port isn't the greatest.

Monster Hunter 4 Leads a Good Year for Capcom

A game that hasn't come out in the West yet is now Capcom's sixth best-selling game.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Review

A new generation of zombies has arisen on Xbox One, and they're some ugly-looking sons of a gun.

3 Reasons I Worry About Dead Rising 3

Credit Capcom Vancouver for taking a fresh approach to the series, but will the next Dead Rising ignore the qualities that made the first two great?