Kat's Quest: Child of Light as the Quiet Successor to Grandia

How Child of Light took a great RPG battle system and made it even better.

Ubisoft Partners With Cirque du Soleil For Child of Light

Ubisoft is taking this little RPG very seriously with new artistic partnerships.

Ubisoft Uses Digital-Only to Explore New Horizons

Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and AC: Liberation HD show the company isn't afraid to play around with small titles.

UbiArt Proves its Worth with Valiant Hearts and Child of Light

Who says 2D is dead? Certainly not Ubisoft, as the UbiArt engine that powers Rayman looks set to bring us two of next year's most graphically impressive games -- the World War I-inspired Valiant Hearts: The Great War, and the interactive fairy tale Child of Light.

Ubisoft announces Child of Light at GDC Europe

A JRPG based on fairy tales built in Ubi Art Framework by the Far Cry 3 director? Sign me up!