Marvel's Avengers Delayed to September

The co-op superhero experience will get an extra round of fine-tuning and polish.

Kamala Khan Stretches Her Way Onto the Playable Roster for Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Ms. Marvel is here to get the Avengers back in action.

The Detective Pikachu Movie is Getting a Sweet Graphic Novel Adaptation

Detective Pikachu is coming to the funny pages.

Todd McFarlane Teases Spawn for Mortal Kombat 11

A pretty fitting guest character.

Fighting Game Legend Daigo Umehara's Manga Is Being Translated To English

Finally, we learn the origins of The Beast himself.

Overwatch Art Book and Comics Anthology Available for Pre-Order

Relish in the art of Blizzard's almost-one-year-old shooter.

Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy -- A Game Comic Cursed With Clichés

Whatever the Netflix Castlevania series offers us, let's hope it's more interesting than this tepid take on Vlad Tepes.

No Mutants? No Problem! Here are 10 Marvel Characters We'd Like to See Instead

Ms. Marvel? Luke Cage? Here are some intriguing possibilities.

Mike Loves Comics 5/25/2016: DC's Rebirth and Captain America

The comic reviews get a new title as I tackle the two biggest books everyone's talking about this week.

What is DC Comics Rebirth? Everything You Need to Know

This is the new shape of the DC Universe. What's happening, what's changing, and what's not.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 03/02/2016: Spider-Man Represent!

Miles Morales just wants to be Spider-Man, SHIELD is screwing up, and Superman's people are unleashed.

Marvel and Netflix Cast Their Iron Fist: On Adaptations and an Asian Iron Fist

Game of Thrones' Ser Loras becomes Marvel's new Iron Fist.

DC Universe Rebirth Starts This May

After a Flashpoint and a Convergence, comes a Rebirth for DC Comics. Again.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 02/10/2016: Into The Unknown

Deadpool is out in theatres this week, but who needs movies when you have comics?

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 02/03/2016: Rebirth

Mike reboots the comic reviews for 2016.

Dark Souls Comic Won't Capture What Makes the Game Great

Titan Comics has announced a Dark Souls comic, but it may miss the mark.

Which DC Heroes Should Telltale Games Tackle Next?

Telltale Games is working on a Batman game. How should they expand on their new DC partnership?

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 12/02/2015: Ego Leads Us Astray

Frank Miller returns to Batman, the Avengers are all-new, and James Bond has a brand new face.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 11/18/15: Is Family a Fantasy?

This week, it's all about about trusting your family and friends.

Who is Marvel's Jessica Jones?

Not many people know much about the star of Marvel's newest Netflix show. I'm here to help.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 10/28/15: Gods and Monsters

The Justice League gets an upgrade, Invincible reboots, and Warren Ellis does something inhuman.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 10/14/15: Somewhat New, Kinda Different

Old-school Superman is back for all those who can't leave the past behind.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 10/07/15: Everybody is Tony Stark

All-New, All-Different Marvel kicks off... with three Tony Starks?

Marvel Pushes Captain Marvel Film Back for Ant-Man and the Wasp

Marvel extends Phase Three of its cinematic universe with an Ant-Man sequel and three unnamed films.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 9/30/15

The Justice League goes to war, Archie falls in love, and Weirdworld continues to be weird.

Battle Chasers' Kickstarter Continues a Story Started in 1998

Joe Madureira returns to his creator-owned property with a brand-new crowdfunded video game.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 8/19/15

This week's comics have questions about trust and identity. Also, romance!

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 8/12/15

Any week with Secret Wars is a good week.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 8/05/2015

Meeting your heroes doesn't always have to end in disappointment or disembowelment.

Deadpool is a Hard Character to Get Right

Creators can easily miss the point of the Merc with a Mouth.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 7/29/2015

Magical cops, crime-fighting lawyers, dat Dick Grayson ass, and a bearded Hulk are featured this week.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 7/22/2015

Conqueror kings, hot spies, failed superheroes, and a magical fixer headline this week's comics highlights.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 7/15/2015

Mike gives you a quick glimpse and hot take on last week's comics.

Comics Shotglass Reviews for 7/8/2015

Mike gives you a quick glimpse and hot take on this week's comics.

Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC is Both Good News and an Opportunity

Kat is intrigued by the news that Batgirl will be playable in Arkham Knight for a variety of reasons. Here's why.

Marvel Phase 3 Video Games We'd Darn Well Better See

By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth! We'd better get some good games out of all these newly announced super hero flicks... or it'll be clobberin' time.