Corpse Party

Now on the PC, Corpse Party Remains a Must-Play for Horror Fans

If you missed its 2011 digital PSP release—and you probably did—there's never been a better time to experience this gory, gut-wrenching adventure.

Blood Drive Proves Once Again Corpse Party's Sequels Don't "Get It"

By drifting away from the visceral horror that made the original great, Blood Drive adds yet another lackluster sequel to the Corpse Party family.

The Fear of Losing Handheld Horror Games

With the genre on the decline, why are horror games on our portable systems more important than ever? Gaming’s masters of fear give their take on the issue.

The Lost Art of the Jump Scare

When was the last time a game actually made you jolt in fear? Pete ponders this evolution of the horror genre.

Walking Further: Delving Into Visual Novels

With this week's release of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a whole lot of you are doubtless going to be hungry for more story-heavy action soon. Here's a roundup of some other experiences you might want to try.