Detroit: Become Human

USgamer Stream: Detroit: Become Human at 2:30PM ET / 11:30AM PT

Can we save our android friends, or will they die by our hand?

Detroit: Become Human's Complex Flowchart Captures the Best Part of Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Giving players the option to hop back and make new choices helps Quantic Dream's latest game become better.

Detroit: Become Human Review

Press X to have a dream.

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Sony's PlayStation division thrives.

Detroit: Become Human Demo Provides First Scene as Game Goes Gold

Save the fish, or let it die? These are the questions that chew up our inner being.

Detroit: Become Human Release Date, Gameplay Analysis, Characters, Narrative Choices - Everything We Know

The next game from Quantic Dream takes influence from Blade Runner, studying the place of androids in a futuristic society. No Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling, though. All the details on this PS4 exclusive, including the Detroit Become Human release date.

Detroit: Become Human Release Date Confirmed for May

It's almost time to test your humanity with David Cage.

David Cage Accused of Fostering a Toxic and Inappropriate Workplace at Quantic Dream

David Cage and co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumière deny all allegations.

PSX Audience Combines to Rescue Imperiled Fish in Detroit: Become Human

And we have a release window, too.

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The writer for Tomb Raider has a few things to say about the recent David Cage interview.

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The creator of Detroit: Become Human bristles when Eurogamer asks him why he's using domestic abuse as a plot device.

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Detroit: Become Human: Neo-Noir Thriller

Quantic Dreams’ latest looks absolutely stunning... but how does it play?