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Gris Is Coming to PS4 Next Week With Retouched 4K-Ready Artwork

Plus, there'll be a "PlayStation-exclusive secret homage."

Suda and Swery Host Strange Reveal Event for New Horror Game Collaboration

Welcome to the Hotel Barcelona.

Apple Arcade Stealthily Announces Octopath Traveler Devs' Successor, New ChuChu Rocket

And it somehow barely appeared during the actual keynote.

Superhot and Hotline Miami Heat Up Nintendo Switch Today

Two action bullet ballets make their way to Switch.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD's Exaggerated Japanese Take On American Patriotism, as Observed by a Canadian

I may only watch and observe this strange planet. I mayn't interfere with its workings.

The Best Games of 2019 After Six Months

Our ongoing list of what we believe are the best video games of 2019.

"The Fact That We're Still So Afraid of a Topic Like Weed Instead of Murder Simulators [...], It's Shocking"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Console news abound, games are banned and restricted, and big companies continue to get even bigger.

Katana Zero Review

It's a bad trip, but a great game.

"Accessibility Means Options, Not Easy Gameplay"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Privilege checks all around as the industry discusses difficulty, accessibility, and the idea of gaming as a meritocracy.

We Predict Game of Thrones' Final Season Using Reigns: Game of Thrones

A song of ice, fire, and a strategy game's consequences.

EA Play Won't Host a Press Conference at E3 Either

Another studio is changing the game plan for E3.

Ape Out Is the Short, Comically Violent Game I Need in My Life Right Now

When life hands you lemons, throw back a gorilla.

Gris Review

Grand visuals belie a competent but unexciting platformer.

Scum Sells Over 1 Million Copies in Three Weeks

Celebrate with a new golden gun.

In Scum, The Human Body is an Overly Complicated Management Sim

Scum takes "surviving" to another level.

Nazi Tattoos are No Longer in Scum, Devolver Digital Issues Apology

Gamepires also issued an apology.

USgamer Stream: The Messenger [Done!]

This is just a side story about some ninjas and demons.

Gris is a Gorgeous Looking Platformer Coming to Switch and PC This December

We still don't know much about this game, but it sure looks pretty.

Devolver Digital Could be Teasing Something New for Metal Wolf Chaos, From Software's Bonkers Mech Game [Update: Confirmed]

Devolver Digital confirmed Metal Wolf Chaos XD for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Devolver Digital is Making an SNES Game About a CFO from Hell for Charity

Fork Parker is back, and he's all about making developers suffer for a good cause.

Absolver Review: Prospects, Come out to Play

In the world of Absolver, no one wants to be your friend.

No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again is Suda 51's Indie Collaboration for the Switch

Travis Strikes Again isn't No More Heroes 3, it's an indie game collection.

Stylish Fighting Game Absolver Has a Summer Release Date

Go toe-to-toe with foes when Absolver hits PC and PS4 this summer.

Ape Out Distills Hotline Miami's Formula Down To A Violent Simplicity

When you strip away the guns and pixels, what you're left with is still a pretty good game.

Reigns: How to Trick the Devil and Get the Best Ending

Here's how to trick the Devil and get the best ending for Reigns by Devolver Digital.

Shadow Warrior 2 Blindsides Me In The Best Way

Lo Wang returns to get your blood pumping, classic shooter fans.

Enter the Gungeon PC Review: A Fistful of Bullets

Do you feel lucky, punk? I hope you do, because there's a ton of bullets heading your way.

Tuesday Stream: Enter the Gungeon [Done!]

The pupil is the master now.

OlliOlli2 PC Review: I'll Get It Right This Time

Roll7 returns with an all-new skating experience with a Hollywood twist.

Not a Hero PC Review: Slide Rules

Murder everyone in sight in order to make the BunnyLord reign supreme.

Tuesday Stream: Titan Souls at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET

Mike is going to take down some titan or (most likely) die trying.

Titan Souls PC Review: The Quick and The Dead

Developer Acid Nerve distills Shadow of the Colossus down to its very minimum.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number PC Review: Redial

Dennaton's remix of their 2013 indie smash may not feel like a true sequel, but it still offers an interesting take on the original.

Not a Hero: Unnecessary Violence is Hilarious

The BunnyLord begins his campaign to make our lives better.

Enter the Gungeon: Shoot Your Past in the Face

200 guns, 1000 rooms, and all the bullets you can stomach.

Noct Preview: The Oldest and Strongest Kind of Fear

Press into the unknown and attempt to survive in this indie survival horror game.

Titan Souls Takes The "Souls" Part Seriously

Mike suffers the slings and arrow of Acid Nerve's boss fight extravaganza.

Hatoful Boyfriend PC Review: The Proof is in The Pudding

It turns out that dating birds isn't as bad as you think. Mike delves into Hato Moa's dating sim.

USstreamer: Mike Looks for a Hatoful Boyfriend at 2pm PST/5pm EST [Now with YouTube!]

Come hang out with USG's editors while they play through and share their thoughts.