Disney Infinity

Disney Admits It's Not So Great at Publishing Video Games, Prefers Licensing to EA

Disney doesn't have time for games, what with world domination and all.

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Team Hit in Disney Interactive Layoffs

Disney Interactive cuts a number of jobs at its Washington state studio.

Disney Infinity Online Shutting Down, PC and Mobile Versions Will Be Unplayable

Disney is wasting no time cutting off Disney Infinity and its online component.

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Disney Infinity Meets Its End, Disney Leaves Games Industry Behind

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No Disney Infinity 4.0 For 2016, Which Should Be the Status Quo

Disney Interactive decides not to fracture its user base anymore… for now.

Princess Leia Knows Karate, Sarlaacs Have Landspeeder Allergies, and Other Disney Infinity 3.0 Revelations

Disney Infinity is lookin' California, feelin' Minnesota (literally).

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes: When One Corporation Owning Everything Rocks

Marvel Comics super heroes come to Disney Infinity because the Walt Disney Company owns everything.