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Finding Time for Games and "Sweet Revenge:" An Interview with Double Fine's Tim Schafer

We talk to industry veteran Tim Schafer about developing games with Microsoft, his favorite games, and the inspirational powers behind cult RPG Skies of Arcadia.

Samurai Gunn 2 is Looking For Its Street Fighter 2 Moment

The local competitive darling is ready for its big break.

Charming Adventure Game Knights and Bikes Finally Gets a Release Date

This Goonies-esque adventure will be here pretty soon.

Psychonauts 2 Reminds Us Why Double Fine is the Boss of Comedy Games

The Xbox and PS2 cult classic's spirit is alive and well in the modern generation.

Double Fine Joins Xbox Game Studios

The team behind Psychonauts 2 is part of the Xbox family now.

THQ Nordic Turns to the Darksiders

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | De Blob publisher DeBases itself hanging out with DeBigots to promote its games.

Half-Life 2, Portal Writer Erik Wolpaw Returns to Valve [Update: On a Contractual Basis]

Update: Wolpaw is not full-time at Valve.

Day of the Tentacle: The Oral History

The making of one of the greatest adventure games ever.

Knights and Bikes, the Kickstarter Success Story with Double Fine’s Backing

The developers behind Knights and Bikes have some words of wisdom from going through Kickstarter.

Psychonauts 2 Will Miss Its 2018 Release

Double Fine announced that the game has slipped its planned 2018 release.

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2017 Jams On Over at Humble Bundle

Folks can head over to Humble Bundle to vote on the latest small project from the minds at Double Fine.

Costume Quest Animated Series Coming From Amazon

Double Fine's RPG is turning into a cartoon from Federator Studios.

Psychonauts 2 Will Be Published By Starbreeze in 2018

Double Fine's adventure sequel is coming from a new publisher.

Double Fine is Publishing a Console Release of the Rhythm Game 140

Look for the funky minimalistic rhythm / platforming hybrid this summer.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered PC Review: Time After Time

Double Fine finally dusts off one of history's greatest adventure games of all time for a special edition that’s not to be missed.

Behind the Art of Day of the Tentacle

COVER STORY: LucasArts alumni Peter Chan and Larry Ahern chat about the challenges of making a "cartoon adventure" under the constraints of early '90s technology.

Day of the Devs Returns to San Francisco on November 7th

...And even if you aren't a Bay Area resident, you can still check out this showcase of upcoming indie games via Twitch.

Axe of the Blood God Episode 14: The First 70 Hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X

Plus: Double Fine's Brad Muir drops by to talk about Massive Chalice.

Broken Age Act Two PC Review: Childhood Lost

Act Two of the Double Fine Adventure doesn't quite live up to the first.

Grim Fandango Remastered PS4 Review: A Bone to Pick

Tim Schafer's 1998 tribute to film noir spins a gripping tale, but its unfriendly puzzles will have many calling it quits before the final curtain.

Massive Chalice: Queen Adamanita's Eugenics Diary

We uncover the darker side of Double Fine's tactical RPG.

Game Dev Recipes: Massive Chalice

How Double Fine's upcoming tactical RPG draws inspiration from XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and oddly enough, Mega Man.

Hack 'n' Slash Toys with the Zelda Formula, but Restores one Element Nintendo's Series Left Behind

Double Fine's inventive take on old-school adventuring lets players manipulate the world around them through the power of code.

PAX Prime 2014: 10 Bone-Chilling Facts About Grim Fandango Remastered

Tim Schafer's panel on his 1998 classic's re-release leaked plenty of tantalizing details about the game's past and present development.

PAX Prime 2014: Massive Chalice and Strategy Gaming's Next Act

Double Fine's generational strategy game takes the best elements of XCOM and Fire Emblem and blends them into something new.

PAX Prime 2014: Costume Quest 2 Aims to Fix the First Game's Greatest Flaw

The sequel to one of 2010's nicest surprises offers a snappier take on the original's slow-paced battle mechanics.