E3 2016

USgamer's Best of E3 2016 Award Winners and Community Picks

You've seen our nominees and voted for your own. Which games stood out above the rest in a crowded show floor last week?

Flint Hook Grapples Toward Greatness

Yeah, it's another indie retro roguelike platformer, but the little details elevate this one.

Steep Isn't SSX, But It is the Game Winter Sports Needs

Ubisoft's next open-world game is all about exploring the world of winter sports.

Aragami Carries Tenchu's Torch Forward

From Software spends all its time on Souls games, so an indie steps up to bring that stealth action.

Resident Evil 7 E3 Demo: In Reality, It's Virtually P.T.

Capcom takes Resident Evil in a new direction that might seem familiar to some horror game fans.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is Great, But Single-Player Details are Slim

The next Ghost Recon is shaping up nicely, but single-player is still a big question mark.

The New God of War Showcases a More Sensitive, Caring Kratos

But he can still kick some serious ass.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Recaps the Best RPGs of 2016

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD: Kat, Mike, and Jeremy get together to discuss Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Nier, and many more.

E3 2016 Central: Everything You Need to Know About The Show

Our comprehensive roundup of all our coverage for E3 2016, organized for your browsing convenience.

It's No Wonder Persona 5 Took Six Years to Make

Persona 5's ambition has pushed Atlus to the limit.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Speedy Opening Inspires Confidence

Finally, a Legend of Zelda that cuts to the chase.

USstreamer: Speed Along with Trials of the Blood Dragon [Now Archived on YouTube!]

Tune in for a solid hour of Trials' latest installment—one wrapped in the goofy vibe of Ubisoft's Far Cry spinoff.

Detroit: Become Human: Neo-Noir Thriller

Quantic Dreams’ latest looks absolutely stunning... but how does it play?

Dead Rising 4 is More Dead Rising, And That's Flippin' Great

Capcom Vancouver revisits the series' greatest hits in its new sequel.

Abzu Is a Beautiful Underwater Journey

Wander the bright, beautiful ocean in this unique title.

Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On: Hacking Your Way Towards the Fun

Mike takes a spin around San Francisco in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs sequel.

The Strange Moment Where I Can't Talk About a Game I Played at E3

Sorry for the inside baseball, but I have to get this off my chest.

Halo Wars 2 Showcases Real-time Strategy's Biggest Advantage Over the MOBA Genre

No one should discount the power of a good single-player campaign in the strategy space.

Finally, Shantae's Back on Game Boy

Well, kind of. Anyway, the new game is looking sharp.

That Time at E3 That NIS America Tried to Get Me Drunk

Not that they needed to; their lineup of niche software stands on its own.

The Strange, Wonderful World of Slime Rancher

Perhaps the most unusual upcoming Xbox One game of all involves cannibalistic slimes.

Nintendo Reveals Ever Oasis, an Ultra-Adorbs 3DS RPG

Developer Grezzo brings new IP to Nintendo's RPG beast of a handheld.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Battle Royal Has My Attention

But not for the reason you might expect.

Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Recap: For Honor, Steep, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, and More

Ubisoft's showing at E3 2016 revealed an absolute bevy of upcoming games. Here's a quick recap.

Microsoft E3 Press Conference Recap: Project Scorpio, Xbox One S, Dead Rising 4, and More

Lots of news from Microsoft as they show us their holiday lineup as well as what they have in store for 2017, including the announcement of what they are claiming will be the most powerful console to date.

From US to You Live @ E3 2016: Day 1 [Now Archived on YouTube!]

Mike and Kat are up in the morning to talk about everything from E3's first day.

Bethesda's E3 Press Recap: Skyrim Special Edition, Quake: Champions, Dishonored 2, and More!

Bethesda brought a whole host of games at E3 2016. See what's coming from the house that Elder Scrolls built.

E3: Our Favorite Moments From Past Shows

E3 brings with it bizarre happenings and indelible memories. The USGamer crew shares its favorite memories from shows they attended.

What to Expect from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft at E3 2016

We take a look at the big three console holders heading into gaming's marquee event.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a New Gameplay Video, Will Be at E3 2016

Take a look at some brand-new footage of Igarashi's Castlevania successor, and try out the demo if you're at E3. Some Bloodstained backers will get the demo after the show.

From Us to You! Wonders if the WarCraft Movie Was Actually That Bad

PODCAST: It wasn't... mostly. Plus: An E3 2016 preview, and Harvest Moon's attempt to match up with Stardew Valley.

Natsume's E3 Offerings Include Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, River City: Tokyo Rumble, and Wild Guns: Reloaded

Make friends with people, beat them up, or get into a shootout at high noon. Natsume makes it all possible this year.

Nintendo Reveals New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer, Plus Additional Plans for E3 2016

The new Legend of Zelda is still Nintendo's main course at E3 2016, but Pokémon, Dragon Quest, and other Nintendo 3DS games are side-dishes.

Nintendo's E3 2016 Plans Lack Any Mention of a Nintendo Direct Presentation

Interestingly, Nintendo's greatly-diminished E3 presence proves the company is very serious about its future.

Pre-E3 Reveals, Week 1: The Good, the Expected, the Intolerable

Who can wait a month? Check out our roundup of the biggest games announced before June's big event.

EA Play Isn't the Death of E3, It's Just a Shift in the Conversation

Electronic Arts is doing its own EA Play event instead of attending E3. Changes incoming!