The Last Guardian Won't Change Game Design — But It's a Revolution in Character Design

Fumito Ueda's greatest creation is the creature Trico, not the bog-standard adventure it stars in.

Why Do You Play Video Games?

Short answer: Because you love them. Long answer? Well, it's complicated.

Feeling Despair? Final Fantasy VII Has Something to Say to You

If one video game can teach us about finding bright lights in dark places, it's Final Fantasy VII.

Nintendo's Animal Crossing Update Turned Out to be Perfectly Timed

Who could have guessed a week ago how precious the dream of civil civic government would become?

What Does Nintendo Switch Mean for Virtual Console?

Classic games have been a key component of Nintendo's console strategy for a decade, but will that remain true for its new system?

Blog: Breaking With the Consensus (and Being OK With That)

So, you fell in love with a game that everyone hates. Does that mean you're broken and empty inside?

You Can Stop Asking Nintendo to Go Third Party; With Super Mario Run, They've Done It

It's just that your idea of a third-party Nintendo probably doesn't match up with the company's own vision.

Let's All Calm Down About Metal Gear Survive

Seriously, is a Metal Gear Solid V spin-off really that offensive?

Funko POP! Figures Are a Blight Upon Humanity

These trite, tacky tokens of geekdom need to be stopped.

"Augs Lives Matters," Another Cringeworthy Moment In Gaming

Video games can and should attempt to make a statement, but Deus Ex: Mankind Divided needs to take a few level-ups in subtlety.

Grassroots Movements Vs. Gaming's Corporate Inevitability

Please tell me the answer, is fate unchangeable?

For Nintendo, Existence is Crisis, and Crisis Is Opportunity

Things look pretty dark for gaming's most venerable first party. But then, when don't they?

Will Virtual Reality Kill Us All?

A sensible and non-reactionary take on how we as a species just might be too stupid for VR.

The Case for Bloodborne and Other Games that "Aren't for Everyone"

Are reviews for FromSoftware's latest RPG not taking into account those who might not be on board with its wicked ways? Maybe it's not that simple...

Keys to the Kingdom: The Rise of the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Why an old technology is getting a new lease on life.

The Game Awards Reveals Its Disappointingly Safe Nominations for 2015

...At the end of the day, it's still just another awards show.

Lab Zero's Campaign for Action RPG Indivisible Gains Momentum

News of a possible extension, and a playable PS4 prototype, help push the promising but lagging project closer to reality.

Assassin's Creed: Trying to Steer an Annual Franchise

People talk about franchise fatigue, but Mike doesn't think that's the problem with Assassin's Creed.

Every 3D Game Needs a Photo Mode

Uncharted Collection offered Mike a feature he didn't know he needed, but now he wants it in everything.

Nintendo Eschews Machismo, With Great Results

Tri Force Heroes is merely the latest example of Nintendo responding to cultural criticism in a simple, direct, and decidedly undramatic fashion.

Hey Sega, Why the Hell is There No Skies of Arcadia Sequel?

Seriously, 15 years is long enough.

Gaming's Never-Ending Adolescence

Surely it's high time for the medium to grow up.

Dragon Quest XI and the Death of the Single-Console Release

When gaming's most conservative RPG series changes its console-exclusive ways, the end truly has arrived.

Oculus Rift: Cool Tech. But Where's The Killer App?

Jaz spent this morning at the Oculus Rift event. He came away impressed, but not fully convinced. Here's why.

The Problem with Pixels Isn't Just Adam Sandler Fatigue

While Happy Madison's latest effort seems more inspired than their usual dreck, Sandler's lowest-common-denominator approach still applies.

Yokai Watch and the Muting of Japanese Culture

Is there something Nintendo of America isn't telling us about Level-5's hit monster-hoarding RPG?

"Should I Buy a New Nintendo 3DS?"

Which 3DS model is right for you?

Broken Promises: Peter Molyneux, Godus, and the Pitfalls of Crowd-Funding

Giving your money to a developer early isn't always the best idea.

Op-Ed: Thanks, Grammys, I Guess Games Aren't in Such Bad Shape After All

Times may be tough for the games biz, but last night's Grammy Awards offered a glimpse of how much worse it could be.

Falling out of Love with a Game You're in Love With

After putting thousands of hours into World of Warcraft, Jaz muses on walking away from a game that's become a cornerstone of his gaming life.

Life Support Wish List: Six Classics That Deserve the Street Fighter V Treatment

If first-party exclusive funding is what it takes to keep classic franchises alive, we'd like to nominate these seven forgotten candidates.

Killed at the Conference Table: Gaming's Balancing Act Between Art & Product

Games live in that hazy area between works of art and products to be sold. What happens to creativity in that gray area?

Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Demo Made Me See the Light

If the point of a demo is to turn doubters into customers, the new Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire sampler is doing something right.

The Destiny Menace: Where Bungie's Latest Falls Short

Destiny has a lot in common with Star Wars... but maybe not the Star Wars you'd hope for.

Let's Talk About #GamerGate and Journalism

Let's discuss the mess that the gaming community finds itself embroiled in.

What's So Secret About Classic Game Curation?

Services like Virtual Console and PS Classics provide a valuable service, archiving gaming's history. So why won't anyone talk about it?

Opinion: What Sony, Microsoft, and the Rest Can Do to Mitigate the Next Denial of Service Attack

Attacks are inevitable, but there are steps publishers can take to ensure that their customers aren't the ones suffering.

What Resident Evil Needs Now is a Visionary

The long-overdue HD port of REmake raises an important question: Will Capcom ever be able to regain the series' former glory?

Blog: Video Games and the Studio Ghibli Shakeout

The legendary animation studio reorganizes in the wake of its leader's retirement.

Nintendo's Quest for Inclusivity

Nintendo's Animal Crossing team speaks about the drive for diversity in its games — even if the company falls short of its goals from time to time.

The One Gundam Game that Deserves a Western Release (Hint: It's Not Dynasty Warriors Gundam)

The Gundam Versus games are far and away the best Gundam games ever made. So why isn't Namco Bandai releasing them in the west?

Do PS Plus and Games With Gold Work as Steam Sale Counterprogramming?

Tons of cheap games versus a handful of free ones — which is the better system?

Shovel Knight, DuckTales Remastered, and the Art of Recapturing Retro

Translating the classic gaming experience to our modern age requires a careful mix of old and new elements -- so why did DuckTales Remastered falter where Shovel Knight exceeded expectations?

Microsoft Still has a Kinect Problem

After all the money and the hype, Microsoft finds themselves stuck with a peripheral no one seems to like very much.

Will 2015 be the Next 2007?

This year may be a bummer for releases, but what's in store for 2015 could put the current console generation right on track with the last gen.

USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Bob's Picks

USG's resident senior writer digs for the hidden gems that wait to be unearthed in the not-too-distant future.

USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Jaz's Picks

Cheerful and fun, miserably grim and post-apocalyptic, button-mashingly bonkers, brutally vicious, and perhaps too good to be true. These are Jaz Rignall's Best of E3 picks.

USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Kat's Picks

The best chart, the worst booth, and the rest of Kat's picks from E3 2014.

USgamer's Best of E3 2014: Jeremy's Picks

Now that the show is over, we sort out our favorites. First up, editor Jeremy Parish weighs in on his picks of the show.

E3 2014: When Did "Female Protagonist" Become Code for "Creative Ambition"?

Want to find a game that dares to be different? Look for the ones that place a woman in the lead role.

E3 2014: Sony Might as Well Just Give Vita a Viking Funeral

Despite cheerful lipservice, Sony is one step away from sticking Vita in a boat and setting fire to it at this point. But it doesn't have to be like that.

E3 2014: Will Microsoft's Halo Gambit Pay Off?

There's more Halo on the way, but does the franchise still have legs enough to justify it all?

Edge of Tomorrow: All You Need is Games

Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow finds its roots in video games and video game culture.

Game Boy Advance Bodes Well for Virtual Console, But....

We'd like to think Nintendo's latest classic reissues are a sign of great things to come, but history tells us not to get our hopes up.

The Living City: A Look at Thief's Excellent Open World

Thief's troubled reboot manages to rise above reproach in at least one area: The intricately crafted three-dimensional puzzle that is the City.

Lightning's Jesus Christ Pose

Whether deliberate or not, the divisive new Final Fantasy sequel does a curiously good job of dabbling in religious symbolism.

Tales of Phantasia Mobile, and Other Infuriating "Free" Rip-Offs

"Free" games like Tales of Phantasia for mobile are damaging a monetization formula that, believe it or not, actually has some value.

What Bravely Default Gets Right

There's more than just Final Fantasy nostalgia at work in Square's extraordinary new 3DS RPG.

What's Nintendo's Next Move?

With Wii U on the ropes mere months after its debut and no relief in sight, we can't help but wonder how Nintendo will handle the console's troubled future.

The Legend of Zelda and the Road Not Taken

How A Link Between Worlds defines Zelda's future by revisiting (and rewriting) its past.

Editorial: The Next Generation Race is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Sony can take pride in the opening-day success of PlayStation 4, but the next gen has a long way to go before it proves itself.

The Importance of Wheaton's Law

After a somewhat tumultuous weekend in the games industry, can't we do better in the ways we interact with one another?