E3 May Soon be Seeing Some Big Changes [Update]

A pitch reportedly suggests pivoting to a "fan, media, and influencer festival."

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Other Game Companies Unite Around the Issue of Loot Box Odds

Several publishers are set to disclose odds by 2020 at the latest.

Starting Screen | The ESA Leak Puts the Future of E3 In Question

Things are about to get pretty rough for the industry's number-one trade show.

ESA Leaks Personal Information of Over 2000 Journalists and Analysts Gathered For E3

The list has been deleted, but is still floating around forums.

"Right Now We Don't Have Any One Group Taking an Unbiased View on Loot Crates"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | For an industry that swears it doesn't have a problem with exploitative monetization, gaming sure talks a lot about exploitative monetization

ESA Talks E3's Relevance, "Gaming Disorders," and Loot Boxes: "E3 Has Always Had to Adapt"

At DICE Summit 2019, we catch up with the ESA about this year's biggest topics.

Starting Screen | E3 Needs to be More Than PAX Lite

The industry and community has changed around E3. Can E3 remain relevant in the modern day?

We Compiled Some More Violent Video Game Clips for the White House

Warning: You may need a hug afterwards.

Toronto Media's Attempt to Report to Video Game Addiction Earns Massive Backlash

Who says Canadians never make people angry? When gaming's reputation is on the line, Twitter will make a declaration of war.

This is the Clip of Violent Video Games Trump Showed During His Meeting Today

Scenes from Call of Duty, Dead By Daylight, Wolfenstein, and more.

Trump Urged to Treat Violent Games Like "Tobacco and Liquor"

Opponents of video game violence at the meeting encouraged the president to be tougher on games.

Trump's Video Game Meeting Today: Everything You Need to Know

All the details going into the Trump video game meeting today.

Here's Who Will Be Attending Trump's Meeting to Discuss Video Game Violence

A new report reveals who's been invited to attend the meeting on video game violence in the wake of Parkland, Florida.

ESRB Takes Action on Loot Boxes by Creating New Label

The ESRB buckles to mounting legislative pressure.

Hawaii Moves Forward With Legislation to Regulate Loot Boxes [Update: The ESA Issues a Statement]

If passed, consumers under 21 will be prohibited from buying video games with loot boxes.

ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"

"There is no place in our society for this type of backward thinking[.]"

World Health Organization: Gaming Addiction is a "Significant Public Health Concern"

"WHO began activities relating to the public health implications of excessive use of the Internet, computers, smartphones and similar electronic devices in 2014."

ESA Says Video Games Are Not Addictive, Refuting the World Health Organization

The ESA refutes the WHO's assertion on video game addiction.

The ESA Pushes Back, Loot Boxes "Are Not Gambling"

The video game trade association denies loot boxes are gambling.

E3 Opens To The Public To Compete With PAX and Gamescom

The ESA makes a bid for E3 to return to prominence.

What's Happening to E3 2016? It's No Longer The Only Game in Town

Two more publishers decide that there's no reason to have a spot on the E3 showfloor this year.