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Aeon Must Die Studio Accused of "Unbearable" Work Conditions and IP Theft

The State of Play-featured game has come under fire, and its publisher has already responded.

Othercide Review: My Immortal

A tactics game that taps into our inner goth rock fan.

SnowRunner is Death Stranding But With Trucks, And I Love It

Make some time for this chill, low-key truck delivery game.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is a Blue-Collar Space Sim From the Studio Behind Homeworld 3

Grab your plasma cutter and get ready to punch the clock.

Report: A Plague Tale 2 is In Development

Get down with the sickness, again.

Frogwares Saves Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments for PC, But Loses Console Listings and Others in Publisher Dispute

On digital console storefronts, Frogwares games published under Focus Home Interactive have all been wiped.

Frogwares Says Publisher Is Removing its Games From Storefronts

"We are preparing ourselves for a significant loss," say the developers of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

The Surge 2 Review: Deck 13 Takes a Proper Step Out of From Software's Shadow

Deck 13 continues to march forward in the increasingly-crowded Soulslike genre.

GreedFall Review

And I'm greed, greedfallin'.

GreedFall Is a Slow but Satisfying Burn for Fans of Old BioWare: Review Impressions

Spiders' tale of colonial tension is, so far, compelling.

Vampyr Will Suck the Blood Out of Nintendo Switch Too

Vampyr makes the leap to Switch, though no date has been revealed yet.

Vampyr Getting Difficulty Settings in Summer Update

Dr Reid is getting patched up.

Call of Cthulhu Gets a Fitting October Release Date

Now you can be all "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!" this Halloween.

Fans' Reactions to John Deere Tractors in Farming Simulator 2019 is the Cutest Thing

Who needs Ridley reveals when you've got a tractor unveiling?

Former Stalker Developers Reveal Their Battle Royale Game, Fear the Wolves

Vostock Games wants to put its own spin on Battle Royale.

The Surge 2 is Coming in 2019

Deck13's sci-fi Soulslike is getting a sequel.

Bound By Flame PC Review: The Fall of Icarus

Spiders' newest RPG aims to stand alongside the greats, but misses the mark completely.

Mars War Logs Enjoys New English Translation

Focus Home Interactive's sci-fi RPG is getting a new translation from the original French after widespread criticism.