Lunch Freebie: Blocks & Lots

Today's free web game will have you testing your mettle as a city planner.

Lunch Freebie: Treasure Trap

Today on Lunch Freebie, we've got a browser-based title that let you play as the soul of a displaced monarch, one who wants nothing more than to keep his tomb safe.

Lunch Freebie: Berserk Ball 2

For today's 'free game you can play RIGHT THIS MINUTE', we have an old favorite: Berserk Ball 2. How far can you hit a nerd? (No, really.)

Lunch Break Special: Megaman Unlimited, Nostalgia Imminent

Have some nostalgia with your Sunday brunch. After five years, Megaman Unlimited is finally, finally released.

Lunch Break Special: Zero Summer, the Cowboy with No Name

Howdy, partner! You better saddle up and come wit' me. Watch yo' back, 'cause Zero Summer's ain't no Wild West you've ever seen before.

Lunch Break Special: Ending, Minimalist Puzzler-Meets-Roguelike

Today's Lunch Break Special is a minimalist puzzle-game-meets-roguelike-like called Ending. Prepare to die. Lots.

A Dark Room: A Minimalist Adventure That Will Light Up Your World

A Dark Room is a text-driven experiment in minimalism, discovery and exploration.