From US to You

From Us to You! is Riding Into the Sunset (For Now)

PODCAST: Our flagship podcast is going on hiatus, but not before diving into Mafia 3, Overwatch Halloween costumes, and more!

From Us to You! Brings You All of the PlayStation VR Analysis (And Dragon Quest Builders, Too)

PODCAST: Does the PlayStation VR live up to expectations? Bob, Nadia, and Mike have thoughts!

From Us to You! Analyzes the PlayStation 4 Pro and Super Mario Run Announcements

PODCAST: Kat, Bob, and Nadia go in-depth on today's big announcements.

From Us to You! Reviews Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Argues Over Metal Gear Survive

PODCAST: PlayStation 4 Slim, Pokémon Go numbers, and more in this week's episode of the flagship podcast.

From Us to You! Discusses the Final Fantasy XV Delay and Rants About Funko Pop

PODCAST: A packed episode in which we wrap up No Man's Sky, discuss the Final Fantasy XV delay, and more.

From Us to You! Delves Deep Into No Man's Sky, PlayStation Neo, and Project AM2R

PODCAST: Kat, Nadia, and Bob dig into one of this generation's most hyped games.

From Us to You! Explores Telltale's Batman, Pokémon Go Drama, and More

PODCAST: Kat and Mike kick back to discuss the latest news and what's been keeping them busy over the summer months.

From Us to You! Explores the Twisted Stories of Rimworld, Overwatch's Ana, and I Am Setsuna

Bob, Nadia and Mike assemble to discuss the interesting indie mix of Firefly and Dwarf Fortress, Blizzard's matriarchal sniper, and Square's attempt to capture Chrono Trigger nostalgia.

From Us to You! Digs Into Counter-Strike Skin Scams, Summer Steam Sales, and Games Done Quick

Bob, Nadia and Mike assemble to discuss the skin scandal rocking the CS:GO world, highlights from this summer's recent Steam sale, and the pure joy that is Games Done Quick.

From Us to You! Debates HD Remasters, the FIFA Glitch, and Zero Time Dilemma

PODCAST: The gang's all here as we roll through another series of discussions in our flagship podcast.

From Us to You! Dives Deeper Into Zelda and the Rest of E3 2016

PODCAST: Plus, Nadia delves into her review of Mighty No. 9

From US to You Live @ E3 2016: Day 3

Kat, Jaz, and Mike are up in the morning to talk about everything they saw on the showfloor for E3.

From US to You Live @ E3 2016: Day 2

Mike and Kat are up in the morning to talk about everything from E3's first day.

From US to You Live @ E3 2016: Day 1 [Now Archived on YouTube!]

Mike and Kat are up in the morning to talk about everything from E3's first day.

From Us to You! Wonders if the WarCraft Movie Was Actually That Bad

PODCAST: It wasn't... mostly. Plus: An E3 2016 preview, and Harvest Moon's attempt to match up with Stardew Valley.

From Us to You! Explores Platinum's Licensed Games, Fallout 4's DLC, and the Disappointing Mighty No. 9

PODCAST: Let the friendly USgamer staff help you get through the rest of the week.

From Us to You! Explores Civilization VI, Overwatch, and the Death of Disney Infinity

PODCAST: The USgamer crew returns to explore the news from this past week.

From Us to You! Returns in Our New Video Series and Flagship Podcast

Kat, Nadia, Bob, and Mike team up to discuss Battleborn, Pocket Card Jockey, and The Legend of Zelda Wii U in the return of From Us to You.

The USgamer Team Discusses Its Other Games of the Year

Mike Williams steps in to host From US To You! as Jeremy, Nadia, and Bob share their thoughts.

The USG Podcast Tackles Our Games of the Year (Part 1)

Jaz, Kat, and Mike share their hot takes on the best game of 2015 as the year begins to wind down.

This Week's USgamer Podcast Concerns Thankfulness

And not just because Jeremy bothered to put together From US To You! two weeks in a row.

USgamer's "From US To You!" Podcast Kept You Waiting, Huh?

The team returns to action at long last to waffle a bit about the past week's biggest games.

From US To You! Takes on the First Day Of E3

Jeremy, Jaz, and Kat dissect the news of the day: Microsoft, Electronic Arts, the Nintendo World Championships, and more, in this E3 special episode

USgamer at E3: Everything You Need to Know

The full breakdown of everything your favorite games site will be doing and attempting next week. Articles! Streams! Podcasts! Themes! Other stuff! Keep track of it all here.

Join USgamer's Podcast as It Hops on Gaming's "Soft Reboot" Bandwagon

From US To You! adopts a new format just in time for E3 madness. Up this week: Metal Gear, PC gaming, and Hearthstone.

From Us to You! Reviews the First Half of 2015 in Gaming

As 2015 nears its midpoint, Mike, Kat, and Jaz sit down to talk about Cities: Skylines, Bloodborne, Axiom Verge, and the rest of the year's top games.

It's Axioms and Allies in the Latest USgamer Podcast

From US To You! Episode 11 looks at the glories of Axiom Verge and the legacies of third-party console exclusives.

The Sky is Falling in Episode 10 of From US to You!

Join us for 75 minutes of podcast delight: We bear witness as the games industry casts down the old gods.

The Indie Conundrum: From US to You! Episode 9

It's a tough world out there for aspiring game makers, as we discuss on the latest episode of our flagship podcast.

When Nerds Cry: From US to You! Episode 8

A rather solemn episode as the team prepares for GDC and PAX East.

Podcast: Late But Still Lovely, It's From US To You! Episode 6

Amidst the winter release doldrums, the crew takes refuge in the warmth of some newly re-released classics.

Don Your HoloLens for a New Podcast Episode

Episode 5 of From US to You! tackles Microsoft's new announcement and the death of Club Nintendo.

Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Catch up on the latest USgamer shows! If Garfield had an iPod, his entire outlook on the week would have been totally different.

USgamer's Podcast has a Name, and Also a New Episode

We greet the new year by making unreasonable demands of the new year. But first, we vote on a proper name for the show.