GDC 2016

The Year of VR is Upon Us, But It's Still Early Days for the Games

There are some neat VR games out there, but the tech is still leaning heavily on demos and proofs-of-concept.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Delves into I Am Setsuna, Tyranny, and The Year of VR

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD: Steve Tramer returns for a special GDC episode in which he and Kat discuss Square Enix's I Am Setuna, the newly-revealed Tyranny, XCOM 2, and the pros and cons of VR as it relates to RPGs.

Sniper Elite 4 Goes Larger and Grislier

Expect bigger environments, more varied and brutal kills.

It's 1995 All Over Again for the Creators of VR Titles Like Narcosis and Loading Human

How can adventure game work for VR? How about horror? Narcosis and Loading Human want to figure it all out.

Rive Closes the Door on Dutch Developer Two Tribes

This fast-paced shooter also acts as its storied developer's swan song.

Want to Play a Walking Simulator with a Blind Protagonist?

Ex-Irrational Games developers serve up a horror game with a serious twist.

Song of the Deep is a Gorgeous, Sub-Aquatic Metroidvania

The latest title from Insomniac Games is looking every inch a winner.

Mages of Mystralia Channels Zelda to Interesting Effect

Borealys Games' action-adventure mixes puzzles with some interesting rune mechanics.