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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Will Touch Down on PS4 and PC Next Month

This will be the first No More Heroes release on a non-Nintendo platform.

No More Heroes 3 is Finally Here and It's Coming to Switch in 2020

Travis Touchdown strikes back!

Switch Exclusive Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is Coming To PS4 and Steam

Travis Touchdown won't be locked down to just one platform.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review

Will the real Travis Touchdown please stand up? Please stand up?

The "Supremely Shitty" Let it Die is Coming to PC

Uncle Death is coming to PC.

Suda 51's Killer7 is Coming to Steam This Fall

The cult-classic is getting a PC release.

Suda51 Wants to be Indie Gaming's Biggest Evangelist With Travis Strikes Again

Suda51 also missed out on the Stranger Things hype apparently.

Suda51 on No More Heroes: "I Still See Myself and Grasshopper as Indie Creators"

Suda51 explains his relationship with indie developers for his upcoming game: Travis Strikes Again.

If Travis Strikes Again Does Well, No More Heroes 3 May Follow: Suda51

Think of it as a warm-up for Travis. He's probably rusty.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Includes Collaboration With Shovel Knight Developers

The game takes place one year after the first No More Heroes.

No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again is Suda 51's Indie Collaboration for the Switch

Travis Strikes Again isn't No More Heroes 3, it's an indie game collection.

Let It Die is 'Supremely Shitty,' And GungHo's CEO Couldn't Be Happier

We sit down to talk to the creator of Puzzle & Dragons about Let it Die's success and its potential as a springboard to a more global profile for GungHo Online.

Gravity Rush 2 and Let It Die Are Mysteriously Collaborating

The spawn of this unholy union remains a mystery. (It's probably skins.)

Suda51 Returns to his Original Indie Work With The 25th Ward

The Silver Case, which launched Grasshopper Manufacture into the world, get a proper sequel at long last.

Let It Die PS4 Review: Haters Gonna Hate

Grasshopper Manufacture return with this odd roguelike, Souls-like, action RPG.

Killer Is Dead Review

Mike makes his first jump into the world of Suda 51. It's not a pleasant jump.