Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hackers Find Secret Blue Lions Conversations Only Accessible Through Mods

The Blue Lions route was going to be even more heartbreaking.

Save Edit Mods and Video Game Key Resellers Are Now Illegal in Japan

A new amendment on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act makes modding saves in Japan a crime punishable by large fines.

PSA: Massive Facebook Breach Stole Login Info of 50 Million Accounts

Third-party apps like video games could also be at risk.

Splatoon 2 Player Exploits Ranked Leaderboards to Share Anti-Cheating Message With Nintendo

Inkopolis Square is also now overrun with pleads for Nintendo to add anti-cheating measures.

A Hack Put the SNES Classic on the Nintendo Switch

A kind of virtual console.

PSP Emulator Found in Parappa the Rapper Remaster, Paving Way for PSP Hacks on PS4

A PSP emulator was discovered in the PS4 remaster.

Hackers Successfully Run Linux on the Nintendo Switch

Now they have a Nintendo Switch Linux tablet.

Hackers Inch Ever Closer to Unlocking the Nintendo Switch

Deeper than just a firmware hack.

Hacking Pokemon X & Y: Now With 100% Chance of Shiny Pokemon?

As all the next-gen hullabaloo dies away, we check out what the Pokemon X and Y hacking community has been doing with Game Freak's baby.