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PlayStation Classic Review

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The headset are focused on PC gaming, designed with the help of esports professionals.

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AtGames is Powering the Sega Genesis Mini According to Deleted Tweet

Details emerge, then disappear about the Sega Genesis Mini.

Logitech Finishes Its Pro Trio With a New Headset

Like the rest of the line, this headset is ready for eSports.

Logitech G Adds RGB Lighting Its New Speakers and Upgrades Its Aluminum Keyboard

Two new products expand Logitech's RGB-powered PC hardware slate.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two: How the Next Generation of Consoles Will Move Gaming Forward

The next generation of consoles should be coming around the bend soon. We make some educated guesses as to what they'll look like.

Splatoon-Themed Joy-Cons Are Coming to the United States

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PS4 Firmware Updated to 5.0 Today

The latest and greatest is available to PlayStation 4 owners today.

PlayStation VR Is Getting a Revamped Headset

It seems that HDR passthrough is finally a reality, for new owners of the PlayStation VR.

Hey Nintendo, Good Job on The SNES Classic Launch

The online pre-orders were a nightmare, but the retailer launch has been pretty good.

Nintendo Puts The NES Classic Back Into Production

Nintendo is finally making all the right moves.

SNES Classic Pre-Orders "Outside Our Control" Says Nintendo Exec, Promising More Supply

Apparently, you shouldn't worry about picking up an SNES Classic.

Nintendo President: "We Are Focused On" Meeting Holiday Demand For Switch

Will Nintendo's supply issues persist?

Logitech G's Lightspeed and HERO Tech Lets You Straddle Two Lives: Professional and Gamer

Logitech's been working on technology that will let you game or work to your heart's content.

Xbox One X "Surpassed Expectations" As The Fastest-Selling Xbox Ever

Microsoft is still cagey with the numbers, but the Xbox One X is doing better than expected.

It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Buy a SNES Classic Edition

Sometimes, Nintendo makes it hard to be a fan.

SNES Classic Hands-on: Why Nintendo's Second Retro Console Will Have More Staying Power Than the First

We also delve into the SNES Classic's new features and share our hands-on impressions of Star Fox 2!

Xbox One and One X Will Allow Data Transfer Over Local Network

You won't have to redownload your games if you move to Xbox One X.

Logitech On The ASTRO Acquisition: "Internally, We Are One Team"

Two gaming peripheral manufacturers come together with today's acquisition. Where do Logitech and ASTRO Gaming go next?

Logitech Acquires Astro Gaming For $85 Million

Logitech becomes one of the biggest makers of gaming peripherals.

Nintendo Switch Crosses 1 Million in Japan Far Faster Than PS4 Did

Nintendo's newest reaches a major milestone in the company's home region.

Nintendo is Facing Off Against Apple for Switch Hardware Parts

Nintendo is fighting for the same parts used in Apple iPhones and other smartphones.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Is a Superb Swan Song for the System

Mike takes a spin with the 3DS's new mid-range model.

Nintendo Shipping The Switch By Plane To Meet Demand

Nintendo is getting fairly serious about meeting demand for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Randomly Announces The New Nintendo 2DS XL

Yeah, Nintendo just announced a new 3DS system.

PS4 Slim Upgrades Standard Storage To 1TB

Sony has bid the 500GB model goodbye.

Nintendo May Offer Switch Mini in Next Fiscal Year, Says Analysts

The hybrid portable may get more portable in the future.

Nintendo's Russian Store Leaks Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch Bundle

The leak is coming from inside the house!

Xbox Project Scorpio's Strength Isn't Enough To Lead The Pack

Even if Project Scorpio is the strongest one there is, the system and Microsoft still have an uphill climb.

Xbox Project Scorpio "Took Me By Surprise" Says Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter

We talk to Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter about his exclusive sneak peak at Project Scorpio.

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Nintendo Switch Accessory Prices Are Steep, $80 For Additional JoyCons

Don't lose your JoyCons, because it'll cost you to replace them.

What is the Nintendo Switch's Battery Life? Between 2.5 and 6 Hours

Nintendo rates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild play at around 3 hours.

How Much Will The Nintendo Switch Cost? $299 on March 3, 2017

At tonight's Nintendo Switch presentation, Nintendo has revealed the price and launch date for its next console.

Watch The Nintendo Switch Presentation With Mike at 11pm ET/8PM PT

Tonight, Nintendo shows off everything the Switch has to offer.

Nintendo's Switch Presentation, January 12: How to Watch It, and Where

Here's where and how you can watch tonight's live presentation of the Switch.

PS4 Sells 6.2 Million Systems Over 2016 Holidays, Crossing 53.4 Million Worldwide

The PlayStation 4 continues to corner the home console market ahead of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio.

Nintendo Is Taking the Switch on a Preview Tour in 2017

You can play the Switch is select cities prior to launch.

NES Classic Edition Sold 196,000 Systems in November

Nintendo's nostalgia box is off to a great start.

Nintendo Switch May Have a VR Future

Another patent diagram shows the Switch with a head-mounted VR display.

Nintendo Switch Patents Show Off Touchscreen, Alternate Joy Cons, NFC, SD Card Slot, and IR Camera

Nintendo applies for patents related to the Switch, showing off planned system features.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review: More Than Just Chaotic Good

Logitech's flagship mouse deserves to hold onto the crown.

NES Classic Edition's Low Stock Is Smart for Business, but Bad for Consumers

Nintendo continues to be conservative with its hardware stock.

The Wii U is Dead: Production Ends This Friday [Updated]

Nintendo's current home console has entered the twilight of its life.

PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The PS4's Image (Quality) Gets a Tune-Up

The PlayStation 4 Pro isn't for everybody, but there's a niche of consumer who will absolutely love it.

PS4 Hits 47.4 Million Units Shipped Ahead of PS4 Pro Launch

Sony says sales of the PlayStation VR are "on track" as well.

Logitech Prodigy Series Review: Good Enough For Non-Gamers

Logitech has released an entire line of hardware for the non-enthusiast. Does it work?

Microsoft Exploring VR Headsets With Partners, Starting at $299

Not only is Microsoft expanding HoloLens into mixed reality, it's also tackling VR with some partners.

Nintendo Switch Dock Will Be in All Launch Bundles [Report]

It doesn't look like there will be a version of the Switch released without the dock.

Nintendo Revealing the NX Tomorrow Morning

Finally, our long national nightmare is over.

Razer Buys THX. Yes, That THX.

Apparently, selling gaming hardware makes enough money to buy the audio technology that tons of movies use.

Oculus Working On Wireless Headset For VR's "Sweet Spot"

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveal the project at Oculus Connect.

HTC Launches Viveport App Store for Vive Games and Apps

HTC is behind Oculus and Steam VR, but it's finally launched its own storefront.

Microsoft Exec Says Xbox Scorpio Will Offer "Native, True 4K"

Microsoft senior director of product planning Albert Penello on 4K, HDR, and Xbox Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro.

Logitech Picks Up Flight Stick Manufacturer Saitek For VR Push

Expect to see a Logitech G Flight Stick sooner rather than later.

PS4 Pro Is All About The Long Game For Sony

PlayStation 4 Pro will be here very soon, but what's really important is what the system is setting up.

PS4 Slim: A Smaller, Cheaper PlayStation 4 is Incoming

Sony isn't just launching the PS4 Neo, it's also replacing the original model.

Analogue Nt, the Luxury NES, Returns to Heat Up This Fall's 8-Bit Console Wars

The pricey, limited NES redux will make a comeback back in a smaller, more versatile (not to mention less pricey and less limited) release.

Nintendo Reportedly Preparing Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon for NX Launch

If reports are to be believed, Nintendo wants to make sure it has all big guns on deck for the NX launch.

Is Your Room Big Enough for PlayStation VR?

New documents show that the PlayStation Camera wants around 60 sq feet for VR.

PS4 Hits 43.5 Million Shipped as PlayStation Division Doubles Income

Sony's gaming division is doing alright.

Nintendo Needs NX: Sales and Profit Way Down in Q1

The lack of major releases during the quarter hurt Nintendo's bottom line.

Nintendo NX: Does the World Want Another Dedicated Portable?

If the reports about the Nintendo NX are true, are we even sure that the mainstream consumer wants another dedicate portable system?

Xbox One Fire Sale: The Classic Model Drops to $249

With the Xbox One S on the horizon, you can get the original Xbox One for $50 cheaper.

Nvidia Reveals Its $1,200, 12GB Monster: Titan X

If money is no object, Nvidia has a video card for you.

Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Review: Pro-level Speed and Lighting in a Single Package

Corsair updates its K70 line of keyboards with the all-new Cherry MX Speed switch. How does this new model fare?

Now You're Playing With Teeny-Tiny Power: Nintendo Announces Retro NES Console

Taking back the mall kiosks from vile plunderers.

Xbox One Lowered to $299 Ahead of E3

Microsoft drops the price of the base Xbox One unit.

PlayStation 4K, Xbox "Neo," and the Unhappy History of Mid-Cycle Console Upgrades

Sony and Microsoft's plan to refresh their current consoles has become the industry's worst-kept secret, but they'll be fighting uphill against history.

Corsair VOID Surround Review: Cheap Surround, With Compromises

Mike takes on Corsair's middle-range gaming headset. How do things sound?