Humble Bundle

"Apple Arcade Games Will Be Great for Families, Respect User Privacy and Will Not Have Ads or Require Any Additional Purchases"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | EA lays off 350, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai fully retires, and a number of developers reflect on various GDC announcements and events.

Rockstar Humble Sale Includes Great Prices on LA Noire, Grand Theft Auto Games

Deals that'll make you feel like a rock star.

IGN Outlines How its Editorial Department Will Cover Humble Bundle Services [Update]

Update with statement from IGN's co-founder and CCO.

IGN's Purchase of Video Game Publisher Humble Bundle Raises Business Concerns [Update]

A video game outlet owning a video game publisher could spell trouble.

The Humble Freedom Bundle Raises $6.43M for ACLU and Other Charities

The more we play Stardew Valley, the freer we all become.

Humble Freedom Bundle Donations Go To The ACLU

Get Stardew Valley, The Witness, Nuclear Throne, and more while helping the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Humble Store Kicks Off Its DRM-Free Holiday Sale

This may be a good opportunity to get caught up on some of the games you missed out on.

Humble Bundle for the Neo Geo 25th Anniversary Sounds Amazing

For only $10, Humble Bundle is offering an astounding cornucopia of classic gaming, but there's a catch.