Independent Games Festival (IGF)

Return of the Obra Dinn Takes the Grand Prize at the 2019 IGF Awards

Lucas Pope's unique whodunit takes top honors at the awards.

Axe of the Blood God: Where I Am Setsuna Went Wrong, What Elder Scrolls Online is Getting Right

PODCAST | Nadia, Kat, and Mike get together to talk I Am Setsuna, Monster Hunter XX, and Elder Scrolls Online in the latest episode of the pod.

Lab Zero's Campaign for Action RPG Indivisible Gains Momentum

News of a possible extension, and a playable PS4 prototype, help push the promising but lagging project closer to reality.

Ten-Year-Old Web Game Kingdom of Loathing Among Record IGF Entrants

This year's Independent Games Festival has more entries than ever.

IGF 2014 Finalists Get Steam Agreements (Again)

The IGF offers indies who are tired of waiting for Greenlight another option.