Tumblr to Ban All Adult Content in a Blow to NSFW Video Game Fandoms

Overwatch in particular, probably.

Lil B 'The Based God' Thinks Gaming Needs a Black Panther Moment

He says gaming can be improved when developers show deeper spheres of the world.

A Troll in Congress Edited the Wikipedia Page for The Legend of Zelda

Next you'll tell me Metroid is a really cool bounty hunter.

The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

The internet could be permanently damaged if net neutrality is killed.

ResetEra, The New Forum Founded by Ex-NeoGAF Members, is Now Live

Don't think of this as NeoGAF 2.0 though.

NeoGAF Back Online After Owner Accused of Sexual Misconduct Issues Statement

The site's users promptly protested Malka and his statement.

The Importance of Wheaton's Law

After a somewhat tumultuous weekend in the games industry, can't we do better in the ways we interact with one another?