New Dangen CEO Says All Developers Are "Free to Reconsider Contracts" In Wake of Publisher Controversy

The indie publisher is offering an out for those who want it.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Will Have a Number of Returning Faces

I hope one of them pops out of a traffic cone or manhole.

Nintendo Switch Surpasses PlayStation 4 Sales in Japan But Lags Behind DS and 3DS

But it still has some room for growth compared to its handheld siblings.

Save Edit Mods and Video Game Key Resellers Are Now Illegal in Japan

A new amendment on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act makes modding saves in Japan a crime punishable by large fines.

Japan's PlayStation Classic Full Game Lineup Is A Lot Better Than Ours

Parasite Eve, Arc the Lad, Armored Core, and others make for a more tempting package.

Why an Assassin's Creed Set in Japan Will Probably Remain an Impossible Dream for Fans

For Assassin's Creed fans, Japan is an elusive Holy Grail.

Undertale's Japanese Localization is Full of Hidden Gems For Eagle-eyed Fans

Undertale played around a lot with its Japanese localization.

Let It Die is 'Supremely Shitty,' And GungHo's CEO Couldn't Be Happier

We sit down to talk to the creator of Puzzle & Dragons about Let it Die's success and its potential as a springboard to a more global profile for GungHo Online.

The Real-World Problems Behind Persona 5

Behind every Palace of Persona 5, there’s a real-world scandal.

What I Learned From a Week in Tokyo and BitSummit

A few parting thoughts as I head back to the U.S. Plus, some articles you might have missed.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Teams With 8-4 Play to Examine a Decade of JRPG Development

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD: The cast of 8-4 Play join Kat to discuss the past decade of Japanese game development. Where have JRPGs come from, and where they are going? We share our thoughts from Tokyo.

Expat Game Dev Story: Inside Japan's Foreign Game Development Community and the Growth of Japanese Indies

There are more western developers than ever in Japan, and they're doing everything they can to help Japan's indie community succeed overseas.

No, Tokyo's Video Game Culture Isn't Dead Yet

Rumors of its demise have been exaggerated... at least somewhat.

Blog of the Blood God: Dragon Quest XI Will Be the Ultimate in JRPG Comfort Food

JRPG fans are finally getting their high-quality traditional RPG in HD.

BitSummit 2015 in Retrospect: Another Step Forward

Japanese indie development is still in its infant stages, but it's light years beyond where it was just a couple years ago.

BitSummit 2015 Diary, Day 2: Japan's Favorite Western Indie, Downwell, and Airship Q

Kat returns to Japan's indie festival for Day 2.

BitSummit 2015 Diary, Day 1: The Unlikely Hero of Brave Yamada, and the Peculiar Nostalgia of Back in 1995

Kat digs into BitSummit with observations and highlights from the first day of the show.

Three's Company: A Visit to the Tokyo Art Center's Manga, Anime, and Games Exhibition

What does the grouping of three distinct mediums into one exhibition say about their place in Japanese pop culture?

Yokai Watch and the Muting of Japanese Culture

Is there something Nintendo of America isn't telling us about Level-5's hit monster-hoarding RPG?

Can Japan's Games Industry Overcome Last Gen's Slump?

This year's Tokyo Game Show was the strongest in years. Is it a sign of better things to come? Anecdotally speaking, yes.

TGS: Smash Bros. is Japan's Destiny

Big game launches take over Japan just like they do the U.S... though the games in question tend to be different.

Comfort Food Games: Super Robot Wars

Our resident mecha nut does her best to unpack the appeal of Japan's ultimate robot crossover series.

Xbox One is Coming to Japan This September

Remember when it was the West that got new games consoles nearly a year late? How times have changed.

2013 in Review: The State of the Japanese Games Industry

We kick off our look back at the year that was with a discussion of how the Japanese side of the games industry has fared in 2013.

Free-to-Play Devs Introduce Spending Caps for Young Players

Both GungHo and Tecmo Koei are restricting how much younger players can spend on their games -- and other devs are following suit.

JPgamer: A Real Page-Turner

With the Steam release of Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos, the first pure visual novel to hit Valve's platform, we explore this quintessentially Japanese means of interactive storytelling and what gaming at large could learn from it.

Five Tantalizingly Untranslated PSP RPGs

These last-gen stragglers may never make their way to English-language territories, and they may never see new life on the Vita... but they should.

JPgamer: The Third Wave

This week in our roundup of all things Japanese, we discuss Nyu Media's "third wave" of doujin titles for PC, a great value bundle of Japanese indie games, some new footage from the Atelier Rorona remake, Tales of Smartphones... plus pigeons and ponies.

JPgamer: Dragons in Your Pocket

This week in our roundup of all things Japanese, we talk the Dragon Quest I-VIII iOS ports and what Idea Factory International are up to, plus news on Drakengard 3, that Dengeki Bunko fighting game and a Kickstarter that may be of interest to dating sim fans.

The Classic Gamer's Tokyo Shopping Guide

Headed to Japan soon on vacation? Business? Looking to buy while the exchange rate is still tilted in your favor? Here's where to find the best selection and deals on retro games.

JPgamer: The Next Generation

In this week's round-up of all things Japanese, we ask where all the Japanese next-gen games are, and there's news on Guided Fate Paradox, Idea Factory, Bunny Must Die, "Western JRPG" Septerra Core and a teaser from Treasure.

JPgamer: What's Nyu with You?

This week in our roundup of all things Japanese, a spotlight on doujin publisher Nyu Media, plus news from Gust, Compile Heart, Sega and Square Enix -- including a Final Fantasy XIV announcement sure to please long-serving classic JRPG fans.

Final Fantasy XIV is a Big Deal in Japan

High-tech ads for the upcoming MMO.

Tokyo, Our Favorite Punching Bag

Shin Megami Tensei IV demonstrates once again that blowing up Tokyo is one of science fiction's favorite apocalyptic gimmicks.

Inside Japan's Indie Scene

A plethora of Japan's most promising independent developers did something unusual recently: they met each other.