Life is Strange

Video Game Characters Keep Popping Up In Porn Ads, And Publishers Might Not Be Able To Stop It

We spoke with a lawyer, and more, about the shady world of porn ads and copyright law.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 is Coming in January 2019

No release date just yet though.

Life Is Strange 2, Episode 1 Review

From the mess to the masses.

Life is Strange 2 Developers Talk About the Problem of Choosing a Canon Ending for Max and Chloe's Story

How do you pick an ending when people feel so passionately about one or the other?

Mysterious New Life is Strange 2 Trailer Teases Big Powers and Big Danger

A new adventure, some new powers?

Here's When You Can Play the Free Life Is Strange 2 Prequel Next Week

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit await.

January 2018 PSN Flash Sale Discounts Games To Under $5

A couple Jackbox Party Packs, Hidden Agenda, and a few PS2 classics lead the highlights of the sale.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Season 1 Review: Fire Walk With Me

Life Is Strange's prequel has wrapped up, and its domestic focus (mostly) pays off.

Ashly Burch Will Reprise the Role of Chloe Price in a Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bonus Episode

It will be included in the Before the Storm Deluxe Edition, releasing in 2018.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 Gets a Release Date

"Brave New World" will be out later this month.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 1 Review: Better Off Just Being Dead

In the debut of Chloe's solo adventure, she finds herself with an unexpected companion.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Makes a Play at the Traditional Coming-Of-Age Teen Drama

Only in Life Is Strange will you find the word "PUNK" graffiti'd on the wall.

Yoko Taro Felt "Trapped" By Big Releases Like Final Fantasy XV, Loves the Game Anyways

Yoko Taro shares a list of his favorite PlayStation games.

Yes, It is Weird Not Hearing Ashly Burch in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

There was something off about my E3 demo.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Sheds Light on Chloe Price's Dark Past

Life is Strange is pulling a meta time travel with the new prequel.

The Life is Strange Prequel Screenshots Leak Online

Starring Chloe Price and Rachel Amber.

Life Is Strange Is Getting a Stranger Sequel

No word yet though on if Max will still be the star, or someone new.

Life is Strange Isn't too Strange for a Live-Action Series

Legendary is adapting Dontnod's time-bending adventure for television.

Roundtable: What Does an Episodic Game Series Need For You to Finish It?

Do you always manage to finish an episodic series? Or does it need to be something special to merit the effort? The USG staff weighs in.

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PART THREE: Who was 2015's breakout video game character? The USgamer team name their faves, but in the end there can only be one.

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Life is Strange and the Changing Face of Adventure Games

Games that rely purely on narrative are more popular than ever—but are they moving in the right direction?

Life is Strange, Episode 1 PS4 Review: Be Kind, Rewind

Dontnod's time-bending episodic series takes its first, uneasy steps into new territory.

Life is Strange's "Triforce" of Influences

Creative director Jean Maxime discusses the development of Life is Strange's time mechanic, the decision to set the story in Oregon, and more.