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Day of the Tentacle Remastered PC Review: Time After Time

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Day of the Tentacle Composer Peter McConnell on Communicating Cartooniness

COVER STORY: One of DoTT's trio of musicians talks about the challenges of selling its zany atmosphere with some relatively primitive tools.

Behind the Art of Day of the Tentacle

COVER STORY: LucasArts alumni Peter Chan and Larry Ahern chat about the challenges of making a "cartoon adventure" under the constraints of early '90s technology.

USstreamer: Celebrate David Bowie with Labyrinth [Update: Archived on YouTube!]

Tune in and watch Bob play two very different interpretations of the 1986 Jim Henson classic.

"I actually was hunting Ewoks." The Original Lucasfilm Games Team Talk About Life at Skywalker Ranch.

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USstreamer: Watch the Second Half of Our Full Throttle Longplay Today at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET

The point-and-click adventures of Ben Whatshisname continue via our livestream of this 1995 LucasArts classic. Be there!

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Life is Strange and the Changing Face of Adventure Games

Games that rely purely on narrative are more popular than ever—but are they moving in the right direction?

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With Your Help, This Monkey Island LEGO Set Could Be Real

... Provided Disney's willing to sign off on it, of course.

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Point, click and puzzle your way to the truth: what are some of the best adventure games of all time? Pete delves back into video game history and digs up some favorite classics, along with some contemporary titles you might want to try.